Friday, September 08, 2023


Holy ka-smoley we just went from string bikini and speedo weather to sweaters, jackets, and warm hat days in less than 24 hours.  And, I love it.  I can now go outside to play in our front yard again.  

Under gray drizzly skies Pheebs and I headed off to Goderich.  I was looking for some stuff I didn't need because I mistakenly looked at our latest Canadian Tire Store flyer.  I had quit looking at flyers years ago because I sometimes ended up buying things I didn't need just because they were supposedly on sale.  'On Sale'.... hogwash, what a gimmick that usually is!!

Ellen's Groove:))  This Bass Recording Session is an excellent video approximately 15 minutes long and will be of particular interest to musicians and producers alike.  It is a studio recording session between Ellen and her Dad Hovak.  Hovak starts off by showing and explaining the equipment being used.  With Ellen on bass and Hovak handling the recording side of the session, he coaches and patiently works with Ellen to lay down a particular bass line track.  I think the lead guitar heard on this track was recorded by Hovak himself who incidentally is an excellent guitarist.  Hovak is the founding member of the band Octavision.  You can see Ellen's determination and humorous side here as she takes serious direction from her perfectionist Dad and you can see how well Father and Daughter work together.  It is easy to see why Ellen will likely someday take her place in the annals of great bass players.  Music technicians will enjoy this video as well as serious musicians.  Especially touching is the end of the practice session when they wrap it up and the kibbitzing breaks out between Ellen and her Dad.  Also of interest, you will notice that Hovak is not speaking English to Ellen throughout this session.  Hovak is from Armenia and is speaking Armenian which of course Ellen speaks and understands as well.       

Al's Music Box:)) It's Not For Me To Say by Johnny Mathis from his 1957 album, 'Johnny's Greatest Hits'.

GROANER'S CORNER:)) A fifteen-year-old boy came home with a Porsche and his parents asked him, "Where did you get that car???!!!" He calmly told them, "I bought it today."  "With what money?" demanded his parents. "We know what a Porsche costs."  "Well," said the boy, "this one cost me fifteen dollars."  So the concerned parents began to get very upset. "Who would sell a car like that for fifteen dollars?" they said.  "It was the lady up the street," said the boy." I don't know her name--they just moved in. She saw me ride past on my bike and asked me if I wanted to buy a Porsche for fifteen dollars."  "Oh No," moaned the mother, "she must be a child abuser. Who knows what she will do next? John, you go right up there and see what's going on." So the boy's father walked up the street to the house where the lady lived and found her out in the yard calmly planting petunias! He introduced himself as the father of the boy to whom she had sold a Porsche for fifteen dollars and demanded to know why she did that. "Well," she said, "this morning I got a phone call from my husband. I thought he was on a business trip, but it seems he has run off to Hawaii with his secretary and doesn't intend to come back. He asked me to sell his new Porsche and send him the money.  So I did."    


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  1. That chipper on the frog picture!!!!! Love it!!! : -) In Florida wishing for sweater weather and a blazing fire and a cup of coffee . . . still 90's. Had to turn the AC down two degrees just for fall fun (??!). But I refuse to be one of those people who complain about the heat here. : -) But . . . enjoy your sweater weather. It is a fine gift!