Tuesday, June 04, 2024


No need for a touch of heat in the Jeep this morning and being the first week of June I'd say it's about time.  In fact, weather forecasters called for a humid day, and so it was.  Pheebs and I ambled ourselves around a few country roads without taking any photos.  That's not always a good sign when my mind is not automatically scanning my surroundings for photos.  Home again, it was Subie and I off and running again.  I had an eye exam appointment at Clinton's Huron Optimetric with Dr. Weaver who seems to me to be a genuinely nice fellow.  I aced the eye exam and he had only good things to say about my eyes and their condition.  No need to update my glasses prescription.  I guess at nearly 80 I should once again be counting my lucky stars.  I'm almost willing to believe that I am in better shape than what I think I am.  But, if it wasn't for my complaining some days, I wouldn't have much to write about.  Coming home I took the quiet backroads crawling along with the windows down and the Moonroof open.  No A/C for this turkey and no chance of blowing myself out of the car at 10 mph either.  We got up to 81F today.


Waaaay too hot for me to be outside this afternoon so I didn't feel guilty about staying inside tipped back in my sunroom recliner reading with a fan blowing cool air on me.  I'm almost kinda getting to like these Senior days.  Well, some of them anyway.    

Al's Music Box:)) The Tracks Of My Tears is a song written by Smokey Robinson, Pete Moore, and Marv Tarplin. It is a multiple award-winning 1965 hit R&B song originally recorded by their group, The Miracles, on Motown's Tamla label. The Miracles' million-selling original version has been inducted into The Grammy Hall of Fame, has been ranked by the Recording Industry Association of America and The National Endowment for the Arts at No. 127 in its list of the "Songs of the Century" – the 365 Greatest Songs of the 20th Century, and has been selected by Rolling Stone as No. 50 on its list of "The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time", among many other awards.  In 2021, Rolling Stone ranked the Miracles' original recording of "The Tracks of My Tears" as "The Greatest Motown Song of All Time".  In the five-LP publication The Motown Story, by Motown Records, Robinson explained the origin of this song in these words: "'Tracks of My Tears' was actually started by Marv Tarplin, who is a young cat who plays guitar for our act. So he had this musical thing [sings melody], you know, and we worked around with it, and worked around, and it became 'Tracks of My Tears'." Tarplin's guitar licks at the song's intro are among the most famous in pop music history.

GROANER'S CORNER:((  Two children went into their parent's bathroom and noticed the scale in the corner.  "Whatever you do," cautioned one child to the younger one, "don't step on it!"  "Why not?" asked the sibling.  "Because every time mom does, she lets out an awful scream!"


She: "Sweetheart, what's your gift for our 25th anniversary?"
He: "A trip to Thailand."
She: "That's amazing! And what about when we hit our 50th anniversary?" she asked.
He: "That's when I come back to get you."

If you can show me a man with a comb-over, I can show you a man who thinks that by crushing a bag of chips, you make more chips.

Did you hear about the old man whose birthday one year lasted only one minute?  It was his sixty-second birthday.

I am looking for someone to brush their teeth with me.  I am really concerned after I found out that 9 out of 10 dentists say brushing alone won't reduce cavities.



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  1. Good news about your eye exam, that pie looks delicious Mary