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Saturday, June 20, 2009



The rains began around 7 this morning bringing with them a warm front which enshrouded the whole coastline in fog thus putting an end to any hope for a sailboat regatta to-day. Bayfield seems to have bad weather luck when it comes to their annual Sail & Canvas event each year. (I later found out the boats did go out in the fog but you couldn't see them from the shore anyway)

Noticed on my FEEDJIT site that a lot of folks clicked on one particular picture from yesterday's blog so this morning while in Bayfield I stopped & took a few more photos of "Marten Arts Gallery." It was not well identified in the photo yesterday.

We have an older fellow in the park here who does superb woodworking in his garage now that he is retired. He uses exotic woods to painstakingly make very fine vases & bowls etc. After assembling the woods into patterns he turns them on a lathe & finishes them to a fine product. It had been a hobby but more & more people have been urging him to sell his handiwork. Hank decided awhile back to do that so I helped set up a web album site for him & you can see his woodworking skills here...

While browsing around this morning on our favorite RV Net Open Roads website I clicked on one of my favorite forums called, Around The Campfire. One of the topics was titled, "Is anyone here into Astronomy?" That perked my interest because astronomy is another one of my interests & I know my way around the night sky reasonable well. I bought a book called "Nightwatch" by Terence Dickinson back in the spring of 2000 & have spent many contented hours with my sky charts & flashlight under the stars learning the constellations, planets, galaxies, & stars, etc. Astronomy is often confused with something else called Astrology & I am always quick to point out that the two of them are totally different. A few years ago I came across the following explanation about the difference between the two & I think the writer sums it up perfectly..............


People sometimes confuse Astronomy with Astrology. Although related in ancient myth they are literally light years apart in the realm of fact & fantasy. Here is a brief explanation of the difference....
"Astronomy is a science that compels us to seek beyond ourselves and our small world, a science of discovery that enriches our lives by exercising our brain and our intellect. It empowers you to think clearly and rationally. It improves and sharpens critical thinking skills." It may even encourage you to free up your mind to think beyond conventional religious beliefs.
"Astrology disempowers you. By placing your future in the accidental configuration of planets and stars, you avoid taking responsibility for your actions, you fail to make decisions based on your own best self interest, and you give up the power to control your own destiny. Belief in astrology results in a degradation of critical thinking skills, which, combined with the loss of power to control your own destiny, can only serve to degrade your life, not enrich it."
"Be in charge of your life. Experience the mystery, awe, and excitement of observational astronomy..............................................

I'm going to try using medium size photos in to-night's blog & that should make them clickable to enlarge. I will try some different structuring as well. Despite last night's spacing mess I did learn some things. To-night's pics are Bayfield oriented so I will put in my link again for the Bayfield Photos I took last August.

Maybe one of these fine days I'll even figure out how you people add links by just using a name instead of the whole address like I did above. And, I've noticed some sites are able to read the photo captions by just holding the mouse over the photo. How do you smart people figure all these things out anyway.............................:))