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Wednesday, April 22, 2009



Decided to do a blog about some of the things we have done right in our RVing adventures instead of the usual things we have done wrong:)) (orders from headquarters this morning!!)

1. When our Hughes-Net modem died last year in New Mexico we were faced with the decision of getting another modem or moving to a different technology. Because we didn't know what killed the modem in the first place we decided to pack in the whole satellite idea & move to a Verizon Air Card. We have the UM175-USB modem....... That was a right decision:))
VERIZON UM 175 PLUGGED INTO THE LAPTOP....And that's what puts you on the internet.

2. Two years ago while in Quartzite Arizona we decided to install a propane heater instead of using the in-efficient RV furnace so we had a Legacy Blue Flame heater put in......... That was a right decision:)) LEGACY BLUE FLAME HEATER

3. We had an awning destroyed by a big Kansas wind while on I-70 one time & had it replaced with an acrylic awning also in Quartzite & co-incidentally on the same day the Blue Flame guy hooked up our heater. The slightly more expensive acrylic awning has served us well. That was a right decision:)) THE BOYS ARE PUTTING THE FINISHING TOUCHES ON OUR NEW AWNING

4. Also while in Quartzite a couple years ago we took out our completely uncomfortable couch, tub chair, & dinette. Sold it all to "The Gambler" in Quartzite. We then went to Ikea in Tempe about a week later & bought all new comfortable furniture plus computer desk for less money than what we got for all the old RV stuff.........That was a right decision:)) THE RIGS DINETTE IS READY TO BE TAKEN & SOLD IN the desert 5 miles south of Quartzite, Arizona

5. When we bought our motorhome in Grand Bend we had been looking at another coach at the dealer there but Ron the owner convinced us we would be happier with the Damon Chevy Workhorse Chassis coach that we have now. He was right, and.......that was another right decision:))

6. We spent a fair bit of time looking for a vehicle to not only be towed behind the motorhome but to be a second vehicle at home for Kelly. Finally decided on a 2003 Hyundai Santa-Fe 5 speed stick shift that we spotted on the lot of Goderich Hyundai. This has been a totally excellent little mountain goat for us.........That was a right decision:))

7. The Roadmaster Sterling Hitch assembly we had installed on the car & motorhome in London Ontario has worked well & been trouble free too........That was a right decision:)) HITCHING THE THE CAR UP......(it's a joke, it's a joke:))

7. We eliminated the big blonky television & cabinet from the upper front part of the coach & installed a 23" flat screen on a side wall. That was a right decision:)) Having a woodworking friend of ours do that rather than me, was also a right decision!! 23" FLAT SCREEN TV MOUNTED ON A SIDE WALL

8. We had a Solar System installed (2 panels, 4 new batteries+monitors etc.) professionally in Slab City California a couple of years ago by Solar Mike at Sunworks. That was a right decision & we have had many happy boondocking days ever since:)) INSTALLATION DAY & THAT'S SOLAR MIKE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LADDER....Slab City, California

9. Wanted to get away from that drab white coach interior so painted part of our coach interior an adobe color.......That was a right decision:)) ADOBE PAINT JOB......done in Casa Grande, Arizona

10. Hooked up a Sirius Satellite radio, Garmin GPS system, as well as a CB Radio inside the coach & that was 3 more right decisions:))

11. Decided early on in our RVing to avoid crowded & expensive RV parks & that has been a right decision:)WHY CROWD INTO AN RV PARK WHEN YOU CAN HAVE THE WHOLE DESERT TO YOURSELF....Darby Wells Road area west of Ajo Arizona

12. Buying a good used motorhome in great condition with low mileage & avoiding all that "new rig" depreciation was also a right decision:))

13. Deciding to spend our winters in the American Southwest instead of American Southeast has also proved to be a right decision & keeping on the move instead of sitting in one spot for 5 months has definitely proved to be a right decision as well:)) YOU WON'T FIND BEAUTIFUL SCENERY LIKE THIS IN FLORIDA...Ajo Mtn Range in Organ Pipe National Monument, Arizona

14. Getting our handy little well made, "Xpress Ready-Set-Go" cooker was a right decision:))

15. And last but not least.......Making the decision to try our hand at RVing years ago?? Well, that was the biggest right decision of them all......................................:))CULP VALLEY NEAR BORREGO SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA