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Thursday, June 05, 2008


I realized after the last post about RVing that I hadn't included any pictures so after digging through some old photo albums the last couple of days I've come up with some memories. These two photos show our 1979 Dodge Centurion which we bought in August of 1998. Pictures were taken in September of 98. You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

In October of 2001 we bought a 24' Prowler Travel Trailer & towed it with a 1997 Dodge Ram p/u truck.

October 2003 saw another change when we purchased a 1992 Ford Gulf Stream 22' Conquest Class C. Took this one down to Big Bend National Park in Texas but the Class C turned out to be too small. I've included a few pics from that trip.In September of 2006 we decided on a truck & fifth wheel combo so purchased a 2005 28' Rockwood 5th wheel & a 2000 Chevy Silverado half ton 1500 p/u truck. They came as a combo & were fine to-gether under normal flat driving conditions but after driving it for a bit I just didn't have the confidence in the lighter 5.3 engined truck to do the job in the heavy mountains I knew we would be going through later. It was a really well kept & sharp looking truck, but...........

November of 2006 saw us trade in the Chevy Silverado on a heavier 2004 GMC 2500 Sierra heavy duty truck. Bigger engine & a stronger truck for towing. This p/u was totally loaded & I found it a bit overwhelming with all the gizmos. Traveled around the American Southwest in 06 & 07 but realized that the truck & 5th wheel just were not suited for us. Remember, we have 3 dogs & they had to ride in the small back seat of the truck. Oooooo, about 4,000 miles of continuous dog breath. Not nice!!!! This is the GMC & Rockwood. In April 2007 we traded the truck & trailer in on a 2003 Damon 33' Motorhome & that is what we have at the present time. No plans for any more changes at this point:))

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Recently while reading one of our favorite RV forums here on the internet, RV NET I came across the topic, "How Did You End Up With A Class A Motorhome?" There were quite a few responses & I found them all interesting so decided to throw my 2 cents worth in as well. Well, you know what my 2 cents worth ends up being. On & on & on I go. How do people keep things so short & concise?? Well anyway, figured I may as well copy & paste it into the blog here in case it gets booted out of the RV forum...............................

Guess it started with an old beat up Volkswagon hippy van back in the late 60's. It was pink & white & somebody had painted "Van-go on the front. Next was an orange Volkswagon camper van in which I took myself out to the east coast of Canada & back in 86. That was followed by a full size Dodge conversion van which I took a real beating on. A few years after meeting Kelly in the early 90's we bought an old 79 Dodge 17' Centurion Class C. It was a bit of a beater but we did manage a few local trips with it & that little rig was instrumental in putting us on the one way RV path of thinking, forever. Next came a 24 Prowler TT. Nice clean rig but I wasn't crazy about the hooking up arrangement. We became busy around that time & didn't use the trailer a lot so finally sold it. But, the RV bug never leaves you alone. Not ever, not never. A year or so later we bought another Class C but by the time we got down into Texas for a quick holiday in December of 05 we new it's 21 foot length wasn't big enough. It was a Ford Gulf Stream & we sold it a few months after returning home. It had some issues. Then in August of 2006 came the opportunity to finally move up the ladder a bit. But, what to get. Our choice was narrowed down to either a used fifth wheel or a Class A. We had tried all the rest so it was time to have a go at something different. Back & forth & back & forth we went weighing out all the pros & cons & comparisons. Read all the RV forums, talked to RV owners, & read the RV mags trying to make sure we made the right decision. Class A motorhome or a truck & fifth wheel combo. No room for error this time!! After many discussions we finally made our choice...........Truck & fifth wheel it was. (GMC truck & Rockwood trailer) Off we headed for the American southwest for a couple months. I don't know just where or when it was that we both began to realize it, but maybe it was the look on our faces after awhile somewhere between Texas & Arizona that told us.....oooops. You know that kind of look. It comes over your face when you finally come to the realization that you have just made a very big mistake. I won't go into all the details of why we knew we had made a mistake because I don't want to get pounded out by a lot of fifth wheel drivers out there. It's a great way to go but it just wasn't for us. We returned home around the end of January 07 & a short 3 & half months later we traded that truck & fifth wheel in on a 2003 33' Class A motorhome. This past winter we spent over 4 months in the southwest again & have never once regretted our decision to move to a Class A. It's been a long expensive road from the pink & white hippy van to our Damon Challenger but we are finally happy campers.............well, maybe if we had a little more length:)) Awwww nuts!!