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Monday, May 10, 2010




We will drop below freezing tonight again so I'll leave a touch of heat on in the Motor Home just in case.  Had I thought to do that about 3 weeks ago when we had an unexpected nasty couple of cold nights we wouldn't have had to replace our kitchen taps in the rig last week!!

DSC_0007 DSC_0004 DSC_0006


Had a mobility van run this afternoon so that that thankfully took up a couple of hours.  Had to take a fellow to the hospital for X-rays so while there headed for a sandwich in the cafeteria.  Of course the cafeteria had closed 5 minutes before I got there so I was left to do battle with a stupid sandwich machine in the corner.  Machines were just put on this earth to drive people like me bonkers.  By the time I figured out all the instructions & put my money in that miserable thing I had to enlist the help of 1 nurse & 1 member of the kitchen staff to finally help get my darned turkey sandwich out of there.   A gas pump & that sandwich machine must be cousins because they have a lot in common!!

DSC_7279 DSC_7280 DSC_7278

AM HOPING JUDY & EMMA CAN ID THIS BIRD FOR ME (could it be a Brown Thrasher?)

My little blurb about 'so how was your trip,' in Sunday's blog brought in a few responses & I think JERRY summed it up very well when he said, "Gypsy is 100% right. Family doesn't understand or want to know, usually. Our kids, though, do read the blog most times, and they never ask! Old friends drop away like flies! We have a couple of folks that follow us, but everyone else is gone. The fellow bloggers are the ones that keep us going, and we hope our following helps others."  Well said Jerry:))



A friend in California had an interesting Facebook response to mine & other bloggers concerns regarding 'RV There Yet.'   He writes, " i just don't understand why people are so egotistical about building a huge number of followers and having a huge number of hits."  I think he has a couple very good points there & may have planted some seeds of thought in my mind about some possible blog changes in the future.



And about my frustrations with being stuck at home for the summer I received a Facebook message from another blogger friend who in part said, "The truth is, I have been ready to get going literally 2 weeks after arriving home."  So nice to know that I am not the only one who has this problem every year when we come home.  Thanks John:))


And another friend from Stratford sent an email with his response to my Sunday blog in which he simply said, " Big Al: After reading your blog this morning, all I can say is I hope you found out who peed in your Corn Flakes! "  So, there you have it, different strokes for different folks.  And I had better be keeping a darned close eye on my corn flakes too!!



Noticed some fellow bloggers have been using something on Facebook called, 'Networked Blogs.'  Looked interesting so I decided to pursue it.  Well, that was quite a journey through a  muffled maze of menus with many twists & turns along the way.  Click this, choose that, enter this, click next, etc. etc.  By the time I had finished & emerged out the other side of the maze I was burning the midnight oil & just as confused as when I started out.   I'm sure I did something & made some changes here & there but I'm not sure what it was that I all changed.  Oh the joys of this blogging adventure I am currently on................10-4!!


GROANER'S CORNER:))  Throughout the centuries, mothers have been given their children plenty of good advice and notable quotes. Here's just a small sampling:

PAUL REVERE'S MOTHER: "I don't care where you think you have to go, young man. Midnight is past your curfew!"

MARY, MARY, QUITE CONTRARY'S MOTHER: "I don't mind you having a garden, Mary, but does it have to be growing under your bed?"

MONA LISA'S MOTHER: "After all that money your father and I spent on braces, Mona, that's the biggest smile you can give us?"

HUMPTY DUMPTY'S MOTHER: "Humpty, If I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times not to sit on that wall. But would you listen to me? Noooo!"

COLUMBUS' MOTHER: "I don't care what you've discovered, Christopher. You still could have written!"

BABE RUTH'S MOTHER: "Babe, how many times have I told you -- quit playing ball in the house! That's the third broken window this week!"

MICHELANGELO'S MOTHER: "Mike, can't you paint on walls like other children? Do you have any idea how hard it is to get that stuff off the ceiling?"

NAPOLEON'S MOTHER: "All right, Napoleon. If you aren't hiding your report card inside your jacket, then take your hand out of there and prove it!"

CUSTER'S MOTHER: "Now, George, remember what I told you -- don't go biting off more than you can chew!"

ABRAHAM LINCOLN'S MOTHER: "Again with the stovepipe hat, Abe? Can't you just wear a baseball cap like the other kids?"

BARNEY'S MOTHER: "I realize strained plums are your favorite, Barney, but you're starting to look a little purple."

MARY'S MOTHER: "I'm not upset that your lamb followed you to school, Mary, but I would like to know how he got a better grade than you."

BATMAN'S MOTHER: "It's a nice car, Bruce, but do you realize how much the insurance is going to be?"

GOLDILOCKS' MOTHER: "I've got a bill here for a busted chair from the Bear family. You know anything about this, Goldie?"

LITTLE MISS MUFFET'S MOTHER: "Well, all I've got to say is if you don't get off your tuffet and start cleaning your room, there'll be a lot more spiders around here!"

ALBERT EINSTEIN'S MOTHER: "But, Albert, it's your senior picture. Can't you do something about your hair? Styling gel, mousse, something...?"

GEORGE WASHINGTON'S MOTHER: "The next time I catch you throwing money across the Potomac, you can kiss your allowance good-bye!"

JONAH'S MOTHER: "That's a nice story, but now tell me where you've really been for the last three days."

SUPERMAN'S MOTHER: "Clark, your father and I have discussed it, and we've decided you can have your own telephone line. Now will you quit spending so much time in all those phone booths?"

THOMAS EDISON'S MOTHER: "Of course I'm proud that you invented the electric light bulb, Thomas. Now turn off that light and get to bed!"


Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.



The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...... AL.