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Saturday, September 27, 2008



Phone rang around noon this past Thursday & it was my old former Town & Country Boss, Marie, saying she was headed out our way & would I be home for a few minutes. "Sure," I said, "Come on over." Marie had been the very busy, dedicated, & very efficient dispatcher co-coordinator person at the company where I am still a part time mobility van driver. I used to be a full time driver there until we started going south for the winters & am now just part time in the spring, summer, & fall. Marie had been a great boss for the past 4 & a half years & we worked well to-gether. About 3 years ago Kelly & I gave Marie a big "Teamwork" coffee mug for Christmas & it always sat on her busy desk between daily coffee runs to the office's coffee machine.
Back in the spring of this year Marie left Town & Country but we have kept in touch since then & it was nice of her to drop in. She has followed our Bayfield Bunch blog adventures over the past year & read the blog about me losing my old best coffee cup buddy a few weeks ago. Before leaving Thursday Marie reached in her purse & pulled out a very familiar looking coffee mug. It was the "Teamwork" mug Kelly & I had given her for Christmas years ago. She said, "and here's your newest best buddy." What a sweet thought from such a sweet person. I noticed a folded piece of paper in the mug but didn't open it until after Marie had left. I couldn't take a chance on getting all emotional you know, just in case there was something nice written on that piece of paper. (women have a natural habit of doing things like that) We men have a bad habit of keeping up phony appearances sometimes & I'm sure no exception. Well, there was something nice written on that note & I have decided to share those thoughts...............
Thanks Marie, & I never even thought to give you a big hug:((
Men huh!! (click the photos to make them bigger)