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Saturday, July 04, 2009



Shafts of welcome sunlight sifting through the pine trees this morning told me our gloomy weather had finally departed the area & we were in for a good day. Lucky break for the all the Corvette enthusiasts because it was Vette-Fest in Bayfield. Each year proud Corvette owners gather for a meet in Clan-Gregor Square. Over 200 cars to-day & I have uploaded about 60 Corvette photos into our web album which can be seen here....,, CORVETTES Next month the Ford Thunderbirds are coming. If I had a choice of hobby cars it would be a cigar shaped T-Bird from the early 60's. I always had a thing for them. Our old southwest blogging buddy WANDERING WILLY from British Columbia has come out of summer hibernation for a few days to do a little road trip through the mountains with his new set of towing wheels.

I'm a little short of time to-night so I'm going to re-blog a blog I wrote about a really dumb thing I did while we were staying at the Hickiwan Trails RV Park near Why Arizona a couple years back. We had our truck & fifth wheel at the time................
Boy oh boy oh boy, did I ever do something dumb last night. I had been re-organizing my wallet in the afternoon & laid it on a table outside. Max must have bumped the table & knocked my wallet off into his water dish. Don't know how long it was in there but by the time I saw it & fished the wallet out all the stuff inside was pretty soggy. Laid all the contents on the tonneau cover of our pick-up truck where I figured the warm sun would quickly dry everything out. Credit cards, driver's license, paper money, club cards, CAA membership, etc. all nicely in a row. That turned out to be a big mistake & you probably can guess what happened. Yep, a short time later just after supper I decided to head down the road to update our computer website at another park's Wifi site so out I went, jumped in the truck, & took off out of the park & down the highway. When I reached the wi-fi site I stopped, got out of the truck, walked around to the passenger side to move the computer, glanced at the back of the truck & "OH OH!!" I remembered my wallet & cards and..........they were all gone. Raced back to the trailer at the speed of light, rushed in & frantically told Kelly what had happened. I knew the only hope I had of ever finding anything lying on the ground along half a mile of desert highway was to get an expert ground scanning rockhound person involved. She quickly headed out the driveway to the highway in full scan mode. I took the truck & started driving the highway shoulder & immediately found my Scotia debit card lying in the middle of the road. Continued up a ways & turned around. By the time I got back to the area where I found the debit card I saw Hawkeye busily scooping things off the highway & alongside the road. Oblivious to traffic, she was on the job!! By the time I got the truck stopped she had already retrieved my wallet which had been lying open upside down in the westbound lane. She had also found what was left of my driver's license. It was the only thing damaged. I found one more card on the southbound shoulder & that completed everything. We were only moments away from the complete darkness of nightfall but that eagle eyed ground radar hugging wife of mine had saved the day once again. Everything was present & accounted for including both American & Canadian money. It sure would have put an unfavorable dent in our vacation plans if everything had been lost. Phewwwwww, close call & I had to faithfully promise that I would try to be more careful in the future. My intentions were good but you know how honest intentions can fall by the wayside especially if your a man!! And you know what........ I did basically the same dam thing a week later when I..........................but that's a another story for another blog:)) TO-DAY'S HUMOR: "Doc, I can't stop singing 'The Green, Green Grass of Home."
"That sounds like Tom Jones Syndrome."
"Is it common?" "Well, It's Not Unusual."