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Monday, September 22, 2008


Well, I guess I didn't quite get off as lucky as I thought I did with that diesel fuel in the motorcycle tank episode a few weeks ago. Bike has been running perfect but when I went out to start it Saturday morning it just cranked & cranked & cranked, but wouldn't fire. Pulled out 2 of the 4 plugs & they were greasy looking & fouled. It took awhile but that little bit of diesel fuel left in the tank that day eventually fouled the spark plugs. Long story short....... Going to have the fellas at the Goderich Power Centre pick up the bike Monday & take it to their shop & flush the gas tank, clean the carburetors, & put in new plugs. That should do the trick & I should be able to get in a few more rides before the weather sets in next month. Bike is 6 years old so probably time to clean those carbs anyway.

The new, & finally correct odometer/speedometer assembly is back in the dash of the motorhome & working fine. And, amazingly enough, thanks to Kelly's persistence, UPS is actually refunding us a fair chunk of change for some shipping charges mistakes. Geeeezzz, will the good news ever stop!! I few weeks ago I closed a bin door on the motorhome a little too hard & broke a piece of the mechanism inside which left the door in a locked state. Fortunately I discovered the problem when I took the rig down to the Bayfield Garage to get the propane tank filled. Luckily a mechanic came out & within a few minutes had the door unlocked. Well, it was back on the computer & phone again to Elkhart, Indiana to order a new door lock assembly from a Damon dealer down there called, True Value RV. This is a good place & within days UPS rolled in the driveway with the new part. Now here's the really strange thing. I was able to take the old assembly out, figure out the new part & actually re-install the whole thing correctly. But, that's not the strangest worked!! It really did, it actually worked. Walked immediately to the end of driveway & peered up through the pine trees to see if there were 2 moons in the sky.....and of course there were. I'm still gloating over that unusual accomplishment so the tip for to-day is.......don't slam your bin doors!!
Who knows, to-day a lock assembly installer, to-morrow a rocket scientist. Hey, who said it couldn't happen. We took our Hyundai Santa Fe in a couple of weeks ago for it's annual tune up so it's now ready for the trip south. Hope I can remember how to assemble all that tow bar stuff. I figure the key to a Senior's memory success is repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition, & it's been about 6 & a half months since I worked with all that tow bar stuff so no doubt I'll have to get the instruction manual out again to see what bar goes where & what chain hooks up to who. Oh boy, wait until I try setting up that tri-pod internet satellite system again. That oughta turn the air blue for a few miles around!! Good thing that the Bayfield Bunch has Kelly on it's team. She's got the most good brains for everything & if it wasn't for her I'd still be back at Sandbox 101.

Ok, nuff said for to-night. You people got better things to do than sit here reading this stuff............................ :))