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Sunday, June 21, 2009



My post on Twitter & Facebook this morning was, "Just checked my watch again to see how many hours are left before we can head for the southwest again this fall!!" I guess that kind of tells you what kind of mood I was in all day. I won't get into a big long spiel about being home for the summer but let's just say if I had my druthers we would be out there somewhere on the road with mountains on the horizon chasing down exciting adventures & creating more endless hours of new memories. AMEN!!

Ever wonder about dreams? I am a lite sleeper so frequently wake up 3 or 4 times during the night. Not very restful but I do dream a lot & I figure the reason I remember them is simply due to the fact that I don't slip into that deep heavy sleep for the entire night. I have also learned that as I am waking up from a dream I can remember it better if I don't open my eyes. I can liken it to opening the back of a camera with a roll of unexposed film in it. As soon as the light hits the film the images are erased. Same thing with the brain so if I'm coming out of a dream I resist the urge to open my eyes & look at the clock. Well, as long as it was a good dream anyway. I try to go back into the dream sometimes but it usually begins to fade & I'm only able to retrieve bits & pieces most of the time. I like the flying dreams best as I float over trees & people on the ground. I have never remembered a landing but my take off is always the same. I take about 4 quick steps forward & very carefully step up into the air & begin to float skyward. Sometimes I fly very fast but most times I just kind of move along slowly hovering over things here & there. And sometimes there are others in the air with me but they don't seem to fly quite as well. Meeting old friends is another part of the dream process I enjoy. People from 50 & 60 years ago drift in & out. No rhyme or reason but all of a sudden there they are & I'm talking to them. Could be someone I only met once or twice decades ago or it could be a current friend. The people who have the most impact & leave the longest lasting memories for me are the ones who have passed away. In any dream sequence a departed friend or relative may appear & it is always such a good feeling inside to once again see & talk to them. And then they drift away into the mist & a sadness fills the void. It's those dreams that I try to hang onto as I'm waking up. I try to re-enter the dream & run after that old friend to see them just one more time but they are gone until they re-appear in a dream again to once more put a smile on my sleeping face..................