Monday, October 29, 2007


Mild & 58F as we loaded the last few things into the motorhome before departure this morning around 6 A.M. Still plenty dark as we headed south on # 21 highway in a slight on again off again drizzle. Arrived at the border about 7:45 & had about a 20 minute wait on the bridge. Watched 2 other motorhomes take only about a minute to clear the checkpoint ahead of us but of course we were the third motorhome & I think they were out to ransack every third motorhome to-day. And sure enough, the guy gave us the yellow slip to pull off for an agriculture search. (again) We had to exit the coach & walk over to the border check building. Kelly went in while I stood outside with the 3 doggy guys on leashes. It was windy & cold & it took awhile for the border guards to finally go over to the coach to search it while Kelly had to remain in the building. They confiscated 10 chicken breasts which we thought we were ok with. Searched all the bins in the basement plus the car!! They really hung us out to dry. All & all it was about a 40 minute delay. I was sure glad to get back into the motorhome & get the heat cranked up. Lucky thing the dogs had their fur coats on outside.
The rest of the day went ok as we drove through heavy rain showers, drizzle, & a bit of sunshine. Decided just before Lansing, Michigan to take our original Chicago route. Not sure why we picked that route at the last minute, but we did. Gassed up at a Flying J in Benton Harbor & headed a bit further down I-94 to Warren Dune State Park pulling in for the day about 3:30 P.M. Dumped our tanks & pulled into one of only two pull through sites. Wasn't long & the sun came out for a bit. Nice park & very much like Ontario's Pinery south of Grand Bend.
All & it was a pretty good day for the Bayfield Bunch considering it was our first trip ever in a motorhome towing a car. Takes a bit of getting used to having your own car following you around so close everywhere you go. We couldn't help but make comparisons to our truck & fifth wheel trip last year. So far, we are soooooo glad that we made the switch to a motorhome. Just soooooo much better & so much more comfortable. Nice to be able to go much longer distances between fuel stops & I think we're doing a lot better on gas mileage this trip too so far.
Well, it's 8 P.M. & we're zonked!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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