Friday, October 26, 2007

WISH US LUCK:))))))))

Well, we're only a few hours away from blast off now & I'm still not sure which route we're going to take but I'm kinda leaning towards getting off I-69 at Fort Wayne Indiana & heading west on 24 & eventually either linking up with highway #36 or I-70. Dunno yet.
We'll be glad to get the big wheels rolling because this waiting & waiting to go has been a real stretch!!
I will post again as soon as we get an internet connection somewhere. If no one ever hears from us again you will know we headed off up a long, dark, dusty, unknown road, down into a big green valley, up & over a large forested hill, & fell right off the planet................with a big smile on our faces:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

1 comment:

  1. Kelly AL All the best of luck and know i'm riding with both of you if only from my desk top.

    The Hermit