Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well, maybe it's one of the things I like best about myself...constant indecision!!!! Just when I figured I had the westerly route figured out, I changed my mind again. Talked to a few seasoned travelers at home here & some fellows on an RV forum we belong to & am taking a look at 2 other route options.
Route 2 would take us from Fort Wayne down through Indianapolis & west to St. Louis. This is familiar territory for us. From St. Louis we would stay on I-70 all the way to Colorado.

Route 3 would get us off at Fort Wayne onto #24 west & we would pick our way southwest to Springfield Illinois. From here we would hook up with highway #36 & take that all the way to Colorado as well. The big advantage of route 3 is that we could avoid Indianapolis & St. Louis. I don't like big cities!! We are in no hurry this time so maybe we'll consider the secondary roads rather than the highball interstates. Once we leave here we have until about Lansing, Michigan to make up our minds on which route we'll take. At this moment I haven't got a clue just which way we'll go. Ya, that's what I like about myself alright, indecision based on good old fashioned time tested stress. Ya gotta love it!!

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