Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Here is the proposed route we expect to follow as far as Moab Utah in late October & then onto Sedona Arizona & points beyond later.

Bayfield to Port Huron & cross the border there.
I-69 through Flint Mi., Lansing, & I-94 west through Kalamazoo, stopping around Benton Harbor somewhere at the end of the first day.

Up early & onto I-94 because I want to get well west of Chicago before anybody wakes up & gets in their cars. I-80 west to the Colorado State line & then I-76 through Denver. (preferably very early in the morning before people are out playing in the traffic)
I-70 west into Utah & then off on highway 212 to a little place called Cisco (I've been through here before) It is at this point where our trip will slow right down to a crawl as we begin exploring the area from Cisco south on 128 heading for Moab.
We will remain in the Moab area for quite awhile exploring all the canyons, valleys, mountains, back roads, parks, scenic lookouts, etc.
Not sure of the route when we leave Moab yet but basically we'll be heading southwest to the Zion Canyon area & from there through Lake Powell to the Grand Canyon & eventually to the Sedona Arizona area. It will all depend on the weather where we go from here. If it's going to be snowy & cold like last year we will either head straight south into Mexico or southwest into California.

That should give you a bit of an idea but of course our route can always change in the twinkling of an eye. It all depends on weather, how we're feeling at the time or whatever whim or fancy leads us off in a different direction. We don't like to make any hard & fast plans like reservations because it adds on stressful time lines & parameters. Don't need that & it's detrimental to one's sense of adventure!!

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