Monday, October 22, 2007


Monday Oct. 22/07
With all this beautiful weather in southwestern Ontario it's almost a shame to leave. Temps over 70F again to-day. We have the motorhome about 99% loaded & to-day I secured the bicycles to the back of the Damon & we hooked up the car for a test run. The cover we bought for the bikes turned out to be too small so we have them tarped for the moment until we can maybe find a better cover in the States. The car towed perfectly as we did a few dozen country miles & then toured around the tight little streets of Bayfield. Did the same thing last year with the truck & fifth wheel because I had never towed a trailer that size before. This will be our first journey towing a car so figured we needed some practice to get the feel of things. I had towed the car around for a short trial run in the spring so it's been a long time between novice tows. These learning curves are always stressful until one gets the hang of things.
Not exactly sure when we'll roll out of here but it will either be this Friday or Saturday for sure. I'll be glad to finally get the big wheels rolling because this waiting & waiting to go is a real pain in the asparagus. Kelly has a few last minute loose ends to tie up at the Lodge & then were gone..................................Ya-hooie Louie:))

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