Sunday, October 07, 2007


MONDAY NIGHT Oct 8/07 9 P.M. SUCCESS:)))))
Well, it's been quite a learning curve these past couple days here at home. We nailed the satellite right on with our very first set up in the driveway shooting through the pine trees & were able to get on the internet ok, but.........we could not get a Star Choice signal at all. Fought with that all week-end until to-night when we drove out into the countryside, found a totally clear patch of sky & set up again. Lots of little problems but 98% of them were all mine. Having the oval dish tilted to the left & not the right was the biggest thing I had wrong plus not taking the time to go through the set up steps in sequence with the laptop was another problem I created for myself. Luckily Kelly's patience, perseverance, & determination won out in the end & she finally had us cooking along on the internet & Star Choice. Now we know all the equipment works fine & it's just Al that isn't functioning correctly & needs a major overhaul:((((