Saturday, November 10, 2007


I think it turned out to be nicest weather day of the whole week. A smattering of cloud cover made for a beautiful sunrise behind the mountains, casting a hue of colors on the canyon walls to the west of the picturesque town of Moab. Nice doggy walk around the ponds as we settled into a relaxing day right here at our little home on wheels. We had decided earlier we would pack up & move on Sunday down into the Bryce Canyon area so our day was spent just kind of puttering at tying up some loose ends before we leave Sunday. Kelly vacuumed, cleaned up the motorhome, & did laundry while I re-organized some of the basement bins, replenished the water tank, secured the bicycles, etc. etc. Spent some time in the afternoon just soaking up some rays in our lawn chairs. Relaxing day for the doggy guys too & little Cora's sore paw is all fixed up.

Earlier in the week we had tried out some burgs & fries at a little Diner in Moab so decided to go back there to-night for super. Milt's Diner is our kind of place, nothing fancy, just a little burger joint out of the 50's that hasn't changed much over the years & we took a liking to it. Check out the photos on the web album site. Even took a picture of my Red Hot Chicago dog before I ate it:))

Leaving Moab will be sad for us. I always find it a little difficult to leave a place where you have just spent an enjoyable time creating memories that will last a lifetime. We really enjoyed our week here & we will always remember it as one of our favorite places in time.

In the morning we are heading for Kodachrome State Park east of Bryce Canyon near Cannonville. It's about a 300 mile drive so will take us most of the day to get there. (we don't move too fast) From here we'll go north up to I-70 & then west over to Aurora where we'll pick up highway 89 & head south down through Panguitch & east over to Kodachrome. We hope to set up our internet/TV system there but if you don't hear from us for awhile you will know we are having difficulties with it again.

So, from beautiful Moab Utah, we say goodnight, stay tuned, & watch for us to re-appear once again on this great & wondrous thingy they call the internet. Toodles from The Bayfield Bunch:)) Bayfield Bunch Photo Album....

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