Friday, November 09, 2007


Started out with clear morning skies but a thin high cloud cover gradually moved in as we rolled out about 8 this morning with the dogs for a walk in Moonflower Canyon. Had a little trouble finding it & our walk wasn't too long because it was a small canyon. Drove a short way down the road to the Moab Rim trail & started out with a hefty climb but soon had to turn back because of the sharp drop off along the side. We were worried about the dogs slipping over the edge. Drove to the Hidden Valley trailhead but little Cora was limping & some kids came roaring in on ATV's so we headed back to our RV park. Not our best morning!!
Around 11 Kelly & I drove the 32 miles over to Dead Horse Point Canyon State Park near Canyonlands & did a walk near the Visitor's Center. Big picturesque canyon much like the Grand Canyon, but smaller. There was a stone retaining wall near the center but we hiked out on a trail along the rim of the canyon & the drop was straight down so you had to pay attention to where you are walking & stay well back from the edge. Long way to the rocky bottom!! Saw a man's shirt hanging on a Juniper tree but nobody was around anywhere. Thought that was a bit strange.
Because of the cloudy day the canyon colors weren't quite as vibrant as what we had experienced on previous days so I didn't take quite as many pictures. All & all, despite being very tired from the previous day's hike it was still a good day. Little Cora's left paw is on the mend. We think she sprained it this morning jumping out of the car. The furry guys sure have been great. What a bunch of clowns:))
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