Thursday, November 08, 2007


"WOW" Another super fantabulous hiking day. We returned to the Arches National Park this morning & drove the 18 miles to the far end of the park where The Devil's Garden is located. It is the biggest hiking section in the park & has the largest number of arches in it. We were on the trails by 10:15 & once again were immediately surrounded by the awesome beauty of nature. It's pointless for me to describe in words what we saw so I will just have to let my photos try & do that. But, I know photos don't even come close to Mother Nature's handiwork. By the time we ended our 4 hour hike & made it back to the car our legs were weary but what a great weary feeling it was. This past week has been so mentally uplifting & such a welcomed break from the routines of back home. To see & do new things sure puts a positive perspective on things both mentally & physically. And to be so active again is like a magic tonic. I always liked climbing on things as a kid & to be out scrambling up & over rocks & boulders again this week has been so invigorating. Both Kelly & I have always had a great sense of adventure & a love of nature so this week has been a really great experience for us. Like I said before...we are so fortunate to have our health which allows us to have days like to-day:)) We are soooooooo happy to be here.

To-morrow morning we'll have the doggy guys out for a few hours on the Hidden Valley trail on the west side of Moab & then in the afternoon we'll take a driving tour over to Dead Horse Point in Canyonlands.

Note....When you access the Picasa Web Album, look for the little bar that says, Slideshow. Click that & the photos should take on a slide show form & the pictures will progress every few seconds. If it doesn't work automatically you can simply advance each picture manually by moving your pointer over the bottom of the screen until the control panel pops up.............

Sleep well grasshopper:)) Bayfield Bunch Photo Album...


  1. gorgeous pix Al Kelly We loved that place when we where there... Modern man

  2. Your taking some incredible pics Al, thank you for inviting me to join you each day and for sharing them!

    The hermit