Sunday, November 04, 2007



Forgot to turn the clocks back last night so our day started super early & we were out walking the doggy guys in the cold early morning dawn. We had to bundle up in our Canadian winter clothes as the water in the dog's dish outside was hard enough to skate on. It was a short hike to the 3 small waterfalls that give Rifle Falls it's name. Took some pics but they were in low light so not too spectacular. I've included them in our Picasa Web Album anyway.

Left Rifle Falls around 7 a.m. & made our way south west along the narrow winding road leading back to the town of Rifle & I-70. Beautiful morning drive as the sun climbed over the canyon walls to the east & lit the magnificent golden Aspen trees which dot the landscape. We are constantly reminded how truly fortunate we are to have this opportunity to travel through such a picturesque land.

Picked up a few groceries at Wal-Mart in Rifle climbed aboard I-70 & we were west bound once again. Got all tangled up in another small town when we rolled off I-70 for gas. From now on, if I can't physically see a gas station from an Interstate, I'm not getting off!!!! We get ourselves into some pretty tight spots but I'm constantly amazed at the flexibility we have even with the car on behind.

Moderate traffic on I-70 as we crossed the Utah State line. Because I had been this way once before in the early 90's I decided to get off the interstate & head down highway 128 through Cisco because I remembered what a beautiful & scenic drive it was. What I failed to remember was that last time I was driving a small Mazda pick up truck. The road was extremely narrow & rough but there was no turning back....literally!! In fact the road was so narrow with no shoulders that when the occasional car came up behind us, I slowed to a near stop, put on my right turn signal & waited for the guy to squeeze by on the left. Moab was another 50 or so miles but the scenery just kept getting better & better so we plugged on & luckily the traffic was almost nil. I think word must have got out that some dummy with a Canadian flag on a motorhome was heading down the narrow twisting canyon road towards Moab. I had my fingers crossed all the way that we wouldn't meet another dummy in a big motorhome coming the other way. It was a lot more stressful for Kelly because she was sitting on the side that dropped down into the Colorado river which parallels the road all the way to Moab. She had nothing to do but sit there & contemplate her swimming abilities. Always different for the driver though because he's always too busy drawing on his years of driving experience, & besides, I hate cold water!! But, all that aside, the drive on 128 to Moab is nothing less than totally exciting & spectacular. However, I don't recommend anyone do it in a motorhome:((
With great relief we rolled into Moab around 3 in the afternoon, headed for the tourist information center, picked up as much literature about the area we could & then sought out an RV park. Had we arrived a week earlier we might not have found a spot but the tourist season just ended & we were in luck to find a superb RV park with internet, laundry, cable tv, hiking trails & a big pond for the dogs, if they feel so inclined to go swimming. A nice journey's end to a great day filled with nature's beauty all around us. Moab was our first destination after leaving home & we will stay here now for as long as it takes us to see everything we can in the area with day trips in the car. To-morrow we head 5 miles north of Moab to the Arches National Park......

In each blog I include a few pictures of the day's events but to see all the pictures just click on the link, "Picasa Web Album" & it will take you to our web album for the days events. The photos in the album have captions as well. Rather than put all the pics in one huge album I'm going to start numbering the albums with dates or something. Not sure but will work on that next................................

Please excuse the spelling & grammer mistakes. I don't always have time to re-write things.


  1. grasshopper your doing well... Love the pix Al... awesome... Cmm camlachiemodernman

  2. Just sitting in front of the woodstove tonight (monday) perusing the pics. Dont know if I'd ever get past those fasinating rock formations, far too many nooks and caves to explore!!

    The hermit