Monday, November 05, 2007


Although our days are warmer than back home in southern Ontario Canada, our nights are definitely much colder. We were up into the low 70's to-day under sunny skies but at 4 a.m. this morning we were down into the mid to high 20's as evidenced by the photo I took about 8 this morning of a water tap near our site. I still find it easier to talk in Fahrenheit rather than Celsius too!!
We had planned on going to the Arches National Park to-day but as the morning slowly unfolded we thought it better to just take some time & give ourselves a break from the hectic pace of the past week. Re- organized some bins, washed the front of the motorhome including the windshield. Many, many, bugs. Took a drive into the artsy & trendy little town of Moab. Actually our RV site is right in Moab but at the north end. Browsed a few shops, picked up some dog food, washed the car & drove around the town a bit to familiarize ourselves with it. Back to our Portal RV park, broke out the lawn chairs, & soaked up some warm Utah sun. And, that was about it. Just a great do nothing day:))

Hey, it's a fellow Canadian

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  1. Love the pix of the icicle up side down at the pail How did you do that Al Joking..... CMM