Tuesday, November 06, 2007


TUESDAY NOV. 6 Arches http://www.nps.gov/arch/
Didn't seem quite as cold this morning as we had the dogs on the local trail early. Wednesday morning we'll take them in the car & do a much longer hike with them but for to-day they will remain home for awhile as Kelly & I head for the Arches National Park. Packed up some peanut butter & jam sandwiches, a few bottles of water, best pair of hiking boots & off we went. Short 3 mile drive to the Arches north of Moab. Ten dollars to get in & the pass was good for 7 days. Thought that was very fair. The Arches is a beautiful place & shows off some of Mother Nature's handywork at it's best. We had a great time hiking the peaceful & serene trails. The huge rock formations are mind boggling & you feel greatly humbled in their royal majestic presence. Especially liked the long descending trail through a section called, Park Avenue. Not a sound in the canyon except for an occasional bird. It is one of those magical places where all time & worry stop. Every step of the way is filled with interest & wonderment. My photos don't do justice to this fantasy land but they will give you a basic idea of the awesome landscape that surrounded us. We spent 5 hours doing what we love to do best to-day & plan to go back either Thursday or Friday to do some more trails. It's days like to-day that make all the stress of traveling worthwhile & one of the reasons we love the American southwest so much. Just soooooo much to see & sooooooo much to do. We are soooooo happy to be here:))))))))))))))

For all the pics I took to-day, don't forget to go to...
PICASA WEB ALBUM http://picasaweb.google.com/stargeezerguy

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