Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Finally, a morning with temperatures above freezing. It was a balmy 42F when we headed out the door for our walk. The morning sun crested the hills to the east & began casting it's warming rays over the valley landscape. We hiked up a hill beside our campsite & could clearly see the little town of Jerome clinging to the mountainside off to the west. Jerome was the village with the narrow streets we came through yesterday & is known locally as the city in the sky. It's an artsy community now but was once a wild & raucous mining town.

Around 11 we put the computer in the car & took a drive into the town of Cottonwood which is about a 4 minute drive from our RV site. Found a nice little cyber cafe across from the town's Post Office & was able to check our email, look at some weather sites, & update our blog & web album. Even managed to have a cup of coffee too. It was a low energy day so when we got back to the campsite I flopped myself into a reclining lawn chair outside & basically stayed there for the rest of the afternoon soaking up the warm rays of the big Arizona sun. Kelly took a drive back into Cottonwood & browsed some stores. Worked at our satellite system again, but gave up......again!! Kelly briefly picked up a Wifi signal from another motorhome but the distance was too great & the signal petered out.

As soon as the sun gets low in the west the cold air takes over & we're inside again with the heaters going but the Verde valley here is so picturesque I think we'll stay in the area for awhile. Hope to take the car over to Sedona to-morrow. Things to see & trails to hike so with a bit of luck I hope to come up with a boat load of energy between now & then. The stress & strain of the past few days kind of caught up with me to-day think................

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