Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Cloud cover moved in during the night so there were no warming rays of sunshine in the morning. Set out for a short walk on one of the trails but it turned into an hour's hike as we climbed higher & higher along a scenic trail on a couple of nearby hillsides. Noticed a sliver of smoke across the valley up on one of the mountains which later turned into a lot of smoke so we're still not certain if it was a controlled burn or a forest fire. Because of the heavy cloud cover we decided not to go to Sedona to-day. I would prefer to see Sedona in the sunlight when the colors of the mountains, rocks, & soil are more vibrant.

Slipped into Cottonwood for a few groceries & then hit the Jerona Cyber Cafe to catch up on our emails & post yesterdays blog & pictures. Back to the rig & tried again to set up our satellite system but no luck again. Just cannot find the satellite:((
Kelly slipped back into town to get a little tune up at the hairdresser while Max, Checkers, Cora & I soaked up a little cloudshine outside. Hoisted our Canadian Flag on the rig & then hopped on my bicycle & headed out for a ride on some of the trails. Came across an abandoned old neat-o log cabin so took some pictures. We had heard about a graveyard in the park where miners from the old town of Jerome had been buried many years ago so I was able to locate that. It's a very old graveyard & most of the graves have been lost to the ravages of time but there are a few still visible with old rusty crosses, weathered wood, & broken piles of stones. Only two clearly defined tombstones. Don't know how many people are buried here & I'm not sure if anyone knows because the whole site is slowly vanishing in the desert winds.

Met a nice couple from the State of Washington who come here during the winter as volunteer trail maintenance people. In the summer they live on a boat & drive whale watching boats in the San Juan Straits.

I was just unloading the days photos when Kelly looked out the door & said, "wow, you should see the sunset!!" Grabbed my camera & ran (well ok, I walked fast) straight up the hill beside us to the top, & "double wow," she was right!! Spent the next 20 minutes taking nearly 50 photographs of the spectacular sunset. You can see some of them at.............

Overall, it was another quiet relaxing day. We'll see what to-morrow brings:)) And, once again, thanks to everyone who has been sending in encouraging & favorable comments to our Guestbook, email account & blog. Much appreciated folks!!

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  1. Wow, wasn't that the sunset last night? It was absolutely breathtaking; and I didn't even have my red glasses on!

    Still in Page; leave tomorrow for Sedona. Maybe we'll meet up again.