Thursday, November 29, 2007


Cloudy cold morning with a wind blowing so our walk didn't last too long. We did manage to get a little sunshine later in the day but for the most part it remained cloudy. Have you noticed by now how we Canadians like to carry on about the weather. Not just me, we're all kinda like that up there.

We had kind of a quiet, nothing day. Didn't go anywhere, didn't really do anything, just kind of vegged out. Took the doggy guys for a walk along the Verde river in late afternoon & that was about it.

Big weather front coming in to-morrow with a lot of rain predicted over the next couple days...........well, there I go again about the weather. I better get out of here!!!!

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  1. Al, I don't think it's all canadians, just those like you or I that appreciate the beauty of nature and prefer the out of doors rather than being indoors all the time. Kelly and you have been through some absolutely breath taking country, so much to explore and yes that is controled by the weather.So enjoy a day to rest up and let your knee recuperate, wont be long you'll be out hiking again!

    The hermit