Friday, November 30, 2007


The rain started in the night & continued for the whole day. No thunderstorms or heavy stuff, just a steady medium rain. Disappointing for the doggy guys when we had to explain to them why we couldn't head out for a walk this morning. You can see the sad look Checkers has on her face in the picture & you can see how the water on our site had to pool right at our door of course!!

Picked up some groceries, did a couple loads of laundry & that was pretty much the excitement for the whole day. I don't care much for lugging a camera bag around so had mentioned to Kelly the other day I wouldn't mind picking up an old fisherman's type vest sometime to carry a few camera accessories around in. My interest in photography has been slowly returning after laying dormant for the past 14 years. Photography vests I looked at years ago were waaaaaaay too expensive. Well, wouldn't you know it, Kelly browsed around in Cottonwood this afternoon, found a used sports equipment store, & bargained a used $25 vest down to $10:)) Yay Kelly:)) And, it's like new, and.........I'm sure it will be showing up in some pictures soon.

Had myself a little anxiety fit this afternoon when I decided to start up the motorhome for a few minutes to re-charge the battery. When I turned the engine on, our coach electricity went out. I was immediately convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that I had done something wrong again. Checked the fuses but everything was ok so figured the converter or inverter or whatever mosmagatus governs the electronics in these motorhomes must have quit, exploded, burnt up, or whatever. Checked the re-set switch on the post outside and that was ok too. To say I was storming around upside down would be putting it mildly. Then, Kelly noticed a fellow RV'er outside of his trailer looking at his electrical box as well. Maybe, just maybe, a glimmer of hope here, & yes, his electric was off too. Ya-hoooo!! Seems the electricity for the whole park was out. Wow, what a relief for Al. Wasn't something I did afterall. When I was outside checking the electric box I did hear some police/ambulance sirens coming from the town of Cottonwood so I figure maybe one of the locals not used to rain & slippery roads may have taken out a hydro pole somewhere. It was just coincidental that the electricity was knocked out at the same time I turned the motorhome engine on. Aw yes, some days just don't seem quite as bad as others........................................:)))) NO PHOTOS IN THE WEB ALBUM TO-DAY

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