Tuesday, December 11, 2007


If we thought Monday had a lot of rain.........we hadn't met Tuesday yet!! We did get off to an optimistic start though when it appeared the clouds were breaking up to the east around 8 a.m. so out the door we all went & headed off across the desert floor on our morning walk. The great rain God in the sky waited until we had gone the better part of a mile before he smiled, & then started dumping water on us. The walk was abruptly over as we hurriedly trudged across the soggy desert floor for home. Thought I could here some chuckling up there too!!

That was about it for the rest of the day. Once again we were confined to barracks as the rain continued non stop. We remarked how fortunate we were that we had the internet & television up & working this past week or it would have been a pretty boring afternoon. A few breaks in the clouds & a few sun splashes late in the afternoon was enough to turf me out of the motorhome with my camera for awhile & I was able to get a few photos before the cloud cover socked us in again.

According to the weather reports to-day we should be finished with the rain & our day to-morrow will actually have some sun in it. Now, that would be nice:))))))


  1. At least the rain is forcing you to let that troublesome knee rest up so you CAN enjoy a hike when the clouds abate. Question.. those seguro skeletons are they tough like tree branches????

    The hermit