Monday, December 10, 2007


Rain, rain, go away & come again another day!! I must have been dozing off many years ago when the teacher was giving a lesson to the class on deserts. Guess I missed the part about the rain. When I think of desert I think of hot & dry. Outside our door right now it's neither hot nor dry. I'm just going to have to pay more attention in class!!

Before the rain started early this afternoon the sky was alive with dark ominous cloud patterns looking like the angry backdrop of a Rembrandt painting. They were the forerunner of heavier & darker rain clouds to come. In the meantime Kelly drove up to Ajo for some groceries while I stayed home with the furry guys & constructively did a whole bunch of basically nothing.

Whenever we set up our tri-pod satellite system we log into a program called Datastorm & enter our latitude & longitude numbers which in turn mark our location on the Datastorm North America map. It puts a little satellite symbol on the map along with hundreds of other Datastorm users & their little satellite symbols. You can click on these symbols & see who the people are & if they have websites. Each time a person logs their co-ordinates into the Datastorm program it immediately sends out an email to other Datastorm users in their immediate area. That's how we knew another Datastorm couple was in our area a few days ago. Kelly had a look at their website & signed their guestbook. The following day Jim & Myrna emailed us to say hello & after a few more emails back & forth we drove the 3 short miles to meet them to-day. Real nice folks who travel in a nicely done modified 38 foot older bus. They are boondockers who prefer to camp in the desert so we were really interested in seeing their set-up & talking to them about the lifestyle. They are heading for the Phoenix area to-morrow.

All the while we were at their place the rain picked up & remained constant so when we left, things were getting pretty wet. We unexpectedly hit a couple of gully washes on the highway that really surprised us. At home we have culverts to carry water under the roads but down here they just have a dip in the road that acts as a channel for the quick flowing rainwater. Took us about 3 gulley whomp splashes before we clued in to slow down whenever we came to a dip in the road. Good way to clean all the desert sand off the bottom of the car though.

Nice to get back to the motorhome, turn up the heat, & it wasn't long & the smell of spaghetti & meat balls began wafting through our cozy warm little home away from home. Aw yes, even rainy days can sometimes end up being ok too.............


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