Monday, December 17, 2007


<<< Hickiwan Trails sunrise Sunday morning before we left.....

A bit of high cloud cover so it was a few degrees warmer this morning. Short doggy walk & we began packing things up to move out. A couple of neighbors came over to say good-bye & one lady gave us a plate of cherry fudge which I promptly hid so Kelly wouldn't find it.........Rolled out of Hickiwan Trails at 10, picked up some gas & propane up the road in Why & headed for Yuma. Set the cruise control, flipped on the auto pilot, programmed the timer for 3 hours, pulled my sombrero down over my face & slept all the way to the outskirts of Yuma when the timer went off telling me to wake up & take over the steering wheel other words, it's a pretty boring drive from Why, Arizona to Yuma:))

Our first stop of course was none other than........Wal-Mart. Stocked up on some groceries & then located us an RV park just down the road. I think there are more RV's & RV parks in Yuma than there are grains of sand on the earth. At least out here in the east end anyway.
The RV park we are in is called the, Arizona West RV Park. If we thought Beaudry RV park in Tucson was crowded last year we obviously hadn't seen this place. We managed to wiggle in to a site only to have the manager come out & tell us to move 3 inches over. It is really hard for us to imagine people living so close to one another like this for the whole winter. These units in here are here to stay for the season & most of them seem to be Canadians. They probably have nice spacious homes somewhere but are desperate to escape the northern winters so they are all crammed into RV parks down here like a bunch of sardines in a can. Nothing wrong with that as long as you don't mind the sardine effect......& these people obviously don't!! Kelly & I just have to keep in mind that these people are the normal ones & we are the exceptions to the rule with the quieter solitary lifestyle we prefer............. Besides, I never cared much for sardines anyway!!

After supper we took a walk around the tiny streets & took some pictures of all the rigs dressed out in their Christmas finery. The lights were pretty & some of them had Christmas carols playing softly outside. That's if you could hear the Christmas carols above the roar. This RV park is located on a busy 4 lane highway & just north of that is a main rail line with rumbling rail traffic. Now, if that wasn't loud enough, the U.S. Marines Airbase is located just west of our location so we have low flying combat helicopters in the air constantly plus an assortment of ground support jet aircraft buzzing about. A lady at Wal-Mart said one of the Marine divisions is deploying to Iraq shortly so the training has been ramped up. The noise probably won't bother me too much but Kelly has to have total dead silence at night so she's probably going to have a big bone to pick with the U.S. military by the time morning rolls around, not to mention the 4 lane traffic & thundering freight trains. Ohhhhhh Yuma, you are in such big trouble!!!!!!!!!!!

RV park decorations >>>

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