Saturday, December 15, 2007


Another big bright sunny Arizona morning. Bit of a cool breeze as we walked east to a little valley about three quarters of mile away. This picturesque place is ringed on three sides by high rock formations & ridges. It's those high rocks that funnel occasional rainwater down onto the valley floor giving the valley a lush green look with all it's Saguaro & Organ Pipe cactus. Palo Verde trees, teddy bear & chainfruit cholla, mesquite trees, ocotillos & creosote bushes. The Sonoron desert is often referred to as the Tropical Desert & it's easy to see why in this beautiful valley. It is one of our favorite places.

We helped Ray get his printer working later this morning on the new/used computer he just got for use at Hickiwan Trails here. We will again help him when we return this way next month.
It will be sad leaving in the morning because we really like it here & have had a great 12 days. It is very doubtful we'll get this same spot back in January but it doesn't matter, anywhere here will be just fine with us.

The rest of the afternoon was spent tying up loose ends & packing up things around the motorhome. Dumped the tanks, re-arranged some bins, secured the bicycles on their carrier, etc. Managed to soak up some rays too despite the brisk chilly wind.
In the morning we head for Yuma so don't know when we will be back on-line. Depends if we set up the satellite dish or find an RV site with internet. Monday morning we get the awning fixed & maybe we'll begin making a few significant changes to the interior of the motorhome regarding the couch, chair, & dinette. I sometimes wonder if the people who design these things actually ever try living in them.

I included an update to-day about our Mexico fiasco yesterday & you can find that update underneath this post.

We belong to an RV site on the web called, Open Roads Forum & the comments on our Mexico caper were posted by some people on that forum. Open Roads Forum is a super great website & has been beneficial for us time & time again. It is made up of countless RV'ers all over the continent with a wealth of information that is priceless. No matter what RV related problem you have there are people out there willing to help. Kelly reads the forum everyday & whenever we have a problem she posts it on the website & literally within minutes sometimes people are on-line trying to help. These people are the experts, they are the ones living in their rigs, driving the highways, using the campgrounds, visiting the attractions, & living the RV life first hand. Prime example of people not only talking the talk, but walking the walk. We highly recommend other RV'ers get themselves onto these forums not only to receive help when they need it but to give help as well.

Checkers got herself into some big trouble to-night. Kelly barb-e-cued hamburgers for supper but when she went to get the buns off the table, they were gone!! I quick look under the table saw Checkers wolfing down the last of the buns. She was a bad girl but we just love her too much to be mad at her.

Anyway, keep an eye out for us over the next couple of days & we'll be back on-line just as soon as we can................................

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