Wednesday, January 23, 2008


We had the wheels rolling by 8:20 this morning as we said good-bye to our quiet little Quartzsite campsite near Pipeline Rd. Wanted to get into Quartzsite early before all the hustle & bustle let loose for the day. Found a parking place right in front of the Gambler's RV Supplies where we had pre-sold our couch. Couple fellas came out & within minutes our RV couch.....was their RV couch. It is looking sooooooo empty in here now. Even the doggy guys are looking sad. I had to take some time & sit down with Max, Checkers, & Cora to have a little heart to heart with them & explain where their favorite couch had gone, & that very soon we would have something new for them to play on. I really don't think they believed me though because the little faces were pretty long.
They paid us cash for the couch & we were on our way. Kelly kept telling everybody that we were selling all our furniture for gas money to get back to Canada. I kept telling the same people she's just joking. I don't think those people thought she was joking.

Our trip to Casa Grande was rather uneventful. Picked up some fuel east of Quartzsite & later stopped in Gila Bend for propane. Rolled into Casa Grande around 2 under cloudy skies. The Buena Tierra Campground is sandwiched between I-10 & I-8 & because we knew right where it was from last year, we decided to go there again. This is a well groomed RV park, but expensive, & with a list of rules & regulations as long as my arm. Glad we're only here for a short time.......................................

To-morrow we get to go & play in the Phoenix traffic:((

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  1. Still looks alot warmer than your house in batfield!

    the hermit