Tuesday, January 22, 2008



A neighbor from Bayfield sent us a picture of our snow covered house in Canada. Brrrrrrr, glad we're not there!!!!

Cold morning but the wind was gone. Kelly headed into Quartzite early with a big bag of laundry, a grocery list, & an urgent mission to do some last minute browsing before we blow out of town Wednesday morning. My day was spent straightening out bins, securing bicycles, reading, burning up some garbage, vacuuming, securing the solar panels, short siesta, a bit of dusting, etc. A much better day than Tuesday simply because it was productive. Kelly was back by 2 & the rest of the day was spent tidying up things for our early morning departure. Took a few pictures from the roof of the motorhome while putting the solar panels down too. They show the large open spaces around us. The desert floor is made up of hard packed rocks & stones.

Aside from our bad day last Sunday, having to move twice, our time here at Quartzsite has been pleasantly memorable for our quiet & relaxing time boondocking in the desert. Warm lazy days just catching some rays. One of the best things is just being able to leave our door open all day long. The doggy guys can come & go at their leisure. No rules, no regulations, no people hassles. This is our 33rd straight day living without being plugged into electricity or hooked up to water & it has been a real positive learning experience. Still much to learn but we are actually doing better than I thought we might. It has opened up a whole different way of living & doing things for us & one that is favorably growing on us day by day.

To-morrow, when we get to Casa Grande we are going into an RV park for a couple of nights (oh dread!!) because we intend to take the car & slip into Phoenix for a bit. Not looking forward to the Phoenix part of the plan but I'll be glad to get back out into the desert again once we leave Casa Grande & get away from the rush & crush of all that people stuff. While at the RV park we will get our batteries charged, fresh water tank filled, & black & gray water dumped before then heading southwest to Why, Arizona where we plan to boondock north of Organ Pipe Cactus National Park until sometime in February.

So, with any luck, to-morrow night I will be blogging from Casa Grande, Arizona.....:))


  1. Interesting, one always thinks of the desert as strictly sand.Have a safe drive!

    the hermit