Saturday, January 05, 2008


We had planned to head off to Split Mountain & the Wind Cave this morning but wisely decided we should just take a hiking break & have a relaxing day around the motorhome. Beautiful sunny morning so I decided to do a little clean up around the rig. Saw potatoes sprouting out of the dash so figured it was time to get that dash wiped off. There's a lot of dust & dirt in the windy southwest & with 3 dogs coming & going, things can quickly look like a plowed field in here.

Kelly headed into town to do some errands, with one of them being a stop at the Borrego Springs library. We were so taken with the Marshal South hike yesterday that Kelly found a couple of DVD's on the South's life plus a couple other DVD's dealing with the Anza Borrega State Park. She also bought the book, Ghost Mountain Chronicles, the complete collection of Marshal South's writings. Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey was a second book she purchased.

I'm an old Rock & Roll guy from way back but the music I enjoy most now is ambient. However, I also have a an old country & western side so while Kelly was in town to-day I had the old Hank Williams tunes just a barkin & this old rig was just a rockin:))

There are big storms happening over on the other side of the mountains right now but right here we're fine so far. I watched as heavy ominous clouds moved in on the mountain tops late this afternoon as the sun slipped into the gray mix on it's way to the sea. The mountains took on a mystical & moody look so I grabbed my camera, snapped on a 135mm lens & took a few photos which I will upload to the web album......

I think we're in for a couple days of rain so the blog & pictures may be a little thin for Saturday & Sunday..................... was that a big collective sigh of relief I just heard out there:)) Toodles

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  1. Btw, You never mentioned where you found that fountain of youth Kelly keeps sneaking away to bathe in?

    the hermit