Saturday, January 05, 2008


We stepped out of the rig this morning into 63F temperatures & that is the warmest start to any day we've had since leaving home back in late October. Heavy cloud cover overnight held the daytime desert temperatures in. Now, why can't the desert be warm every morning like this!!

Because we are on the southern edge of a huge California storm right now, the clouds over & in the mountains here have been spectacular. Large brooding clouds moved slowly over the mountain tops dripping mist down the mountainsides. Sunlight slipped quietly through here & there lighting up areas in the hills & valleys. Cloud shadows played across the canyons. Periodic light rain showers were enough to bring out faint rainbows over the dry lake bed just to the north of us.
I sat in a lawn chair for hours watching the rainbows interact with the clouds & mountains. In fact, we spent the whole day just relaxing, reading, & watching the mountains. Ambient CD music by John Huling, Robert Haig Coxon, & Coyote Oldman set the mood for the day.

Boondocking, basically is RVing & camping somewhere without an electric or water hook-up. The idea is to be totally self sufficient & independent. From what we had read about boondocking over the past few years we new it would be something that would interest us & it was something we have been working towards......& finally achieved. We are on our 20th consecutive boondocking day & while sitting here quietly in the desert to-day, we knew that decision was definitely the right one. It's going to be hard for us now whenever we have to use an RV park again & I'm sure it's going to have an affect on our lives back home in Bayfield when we return. This kind of life grows quickly on those who let it, and we have been happily letting it:))


  1. We have enjoyed following your switch to boondocking. Glad you're enjoying it too! We wouldn't have it any other way.

  2. Hi Guys,Just stumbeld on to your website and Love the pictures amazing country!! We live in Bayfield just moved in July 2007 in Paul Buyan Park and just loving it here. Sounds like you guys are having a amazing trip a nice way of staying touch with your friends and family. I'll be checking your site for updates and stories.
    Keep on Rving
    Jan from Bayfield

    (Jan is Dutch for John)