Sunday, January 06, 2008


"Hey Dad, do ya need some help there"

The winds picked up in the night but our rig was parked facing head on to the blow so buffeting & noise were minimized & we didn't lose a lot of sleep.

We had talked about taking the car over the mountains to San Diego this week & checking out some RV friendly furniture at Ikea but one look at the mountains this morning squashed that idea. The fog on the mountainside was right down to the deck in spots & the mountaintops were obscured by heavy gray clouds. Not a good driving day at all so we just hunkered down to wait out the high winds sweeping across the desert floor. We'll maybe check out Ikea in Phoenix later when we are in that area.

It's days like this when the internet & television really come into their own for us, especially the irreplaceable internet. Having the world's library at your fingertips on a cold windy day in the desert (or anywhere else) is pure magic. We can communicate with friends, we can research areas where we are headed, & read about places we've been. Photos are uploaded, blogs are written, emails come & go constantly. We have friends we've never met. We are on various RV forums & help is only a keyboard away. And best of all, we are occasionally able to reach out & help others as well.

In my opinion, the internet & RVing go hand in hand to make this whole RV experience a safer, easier, & more enjoyable experience than it has ever been. For us, a single satellite dish that accesses both television & internet is working well & especially for the internet. However, if I'm uploading pictures the same time Kelly is watching television, it usually breaks up the television image bad (only happens with uploads) so we have had to make some compromises. No big deal, we're working it out. And, as all RV'ers well know....................there are always things to work out:))

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  1. In planning for retirement,I have just recently purchased a slightly used 5iver and a slightly used Dodge quad diesel to pull it with. In the past i've had every "camping" type vehicle imaginable except for a class A. Being a work a holic I never really got to enjoy the casual life style. But now it's all different. I have retired and my wife just turned in her notice :-) The time is almost right to take the big step, a trip for more that 5 or 6 days :-). After happening upon your website, I'm thinking WHY ?? Why embark on my own travels when I can live vicariously through yours?? I have to admit you have done a really good job putting this together. Thanks for sharing your experiences as it gives a good insight on venturing out.