Tuesday, January 08, 2008


When we lost our satellite television signal last night & then the internet signal, I should have known what was happening, but it wasn't until later in the night that I clued in. And, that clue was a growing patter on the roof. Rain!! Heavy water laden clouds had obviously moved in overhead blocking our satellite signal earlier. Rain on the motorhome roof always reminds me of tent camping years ago & it's always a soothing little trip down memory lane to the early days. That same sound on the roof also means something else...........oh geeeeez, what have I left outside that is going to get soaked. Well, let me see...... 3 folding wood tables, camera tri-pod, bicycles, 2 lawn chairs, um, are the cars windows up, did I bring my coat in........ well, you get the idea. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

We had hoped to drive out to Split Mountain this morning but the clouds that had been sitting on the mountain tops the past couple of days were now sitting right on the desert floor at the foot of the mountains. We wouldn't be going anywhere again & besides, it was still raining:((
Kelly headed off into town with a load of laundry & I busied myself with the early stages of packing up the campsite.

We had decided yesterday that it was time for The Bayfield Bunch to move on to our next destination.....Quartzite, Arizona.
We will leave Tuesday morning.

Secured the bicycles on the back of the motorhome, re-arranged some bins, locked the solar panels down, soaked up some cloud strained sunshine, loaded up some firewood, did some serious puttering, & once again, took a whole bunch of mountain & cloud photos.
The big storm in northern California has produced weather patterns in this area that are rarely seen & I have been kind of mesmerized by the overall beauty of it all, so once again I've uploaded a lot of mountains & clouds photos to the web album. I tried to edit them down to maybe a dozen but in the end I just simply uploaded all of them because it's not likely I will have another opportunity to see this kind of beauty again anytime soon & thought you all might enjoy seeing them too. http://picasaweb.google.com/stargeezerguy

As usual, I'm feeling kind of sad about leaving in the morning. I think I grow too attached to all the great memories we usually end up creating. But, mixed with that sadness is the feeling of excitement to be heading off on new roads, seeing new vistas, & finding new destinations. And of course......the new anxieties:(( Will I rip the CB aerial off on a branch again, or catch the air conditioner on a low tree limb, how about backing into a stump or getting the wheels off in some soft sand. Will the solar panels come lose while driving & did I put all the pins in the hitch towing the car. Did I put the car in neutral, did I double check to make sure the leveling jacks are up, & that reminds me........did we put the television aerial down?????????? Aw yes, the trials & tribulations of RVing. Ya just gotta love it:))


  1. Don't know how long you'll be in Q, I arrive on the 14-15th and will be there until the 23rd (when I move to a campground in Bouse).

  2. Very nice to see y'all weathered the storm safe and snug in your tin tent and as usualy came out of it with some spectacular cloud pics! Thanks for sharing.

    the hermit