Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Well wouldn't you know it. The morning dawned clear with the clouds & mist in the mountains totally gone. Would have been a great day to drive out to Split Mountain but we were committed to our departure for Quartzite this morning so we'll just have to do that mountain another time. Our good RV neighbor Butch & another neighbor came over to say good-bye. Although I have a tendency not to socialize a lot I somehow always feel sad saying good-bye to RV people we've spent a little time with because I know that I will probably never see them again. It was that way with Butch. He took us on some great hikes & we all hung out a little bit. He lives in the desert by himself in his 5th wheel trailer with his dog Capeche. I hope he will be alright.

We headed into Borrego Springs to dump tanks & take on water. We hooked the car up in the same place just off Christmas Circle we had unhooked it waaaaay back on Dec. 21/07 when we first arrived there. We will always remember Borrego Springs as one the most favorite places we've been & definitely hope to come back again. Completely surrounded by the Anza Borrego State Park, this little town is a true diamond in the rough. Bye, bye, Borrego...........thanks for the memories & we're sure gonna miss you.

We were on our way by 10:15 heading east for Salton City & then north for Interstate-10. We took a little shortcut at Mecca & followed a quiet paved road east for quite awhile before finally connecting to I-10. The trip to Quartzite was uneventful but we did wonder why we saw so many rigs heading west when we figured most RV'rs would be heading east into Quartzite & not out of it. Every January thousands & thousands of RV folks head for this tiny little town to camp in the desert & be a part of the largest RV swap meet in the entire United States. We were here last year for 4 days about this time & it's quite something to see. Normally we would avoid any kind of large gatherings like this but we've made an exception with Quartzite. We're hoping to get our ripped awning replaced & have us a look at some ceramic RV heaters.

We exited I-10 at Quartzite & headed south on the Yuma highway for about 5 miles until we reached the area we had stayed last year. It was a relief to see only a few rigs scattered about here & there so it was easy to find a totally quiet spot for ourselves. We should be ok here before the bulk of RV'ers roll in this week-end & the desert really begins to rock & roll. Don't know how long we'll stay here & that will depend on how crowded it gets I guess.

We had good luck with setting up the satellite dish again & we were on the internet in a matter of minutes. Same with the television signal. So nice when things work well. Managed to get the 2 solar panels up before the sun slipped behind the mountains & it wasn't long before the Bayfield Bunch was all squared away in their toasty little motorhome in a new location, awaiting to-morrow's new adventures. I hope they still have those 25 cent hamburgers after 4 p.m. everyday. I'm a goin to eat me 50 of them:))


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