Wednesday, January 09, 2008


During our 2 weeks in Borrego Springs the motorhome's front end faced west & we could watch the sunsets every night. In Quartzsite we are facing east so it's a nice way to start the day, with beautiful fiery sunrises coming over the distant mountains & right through our big motorhome windshield.
The desert is greener here than in Borrego & we are back in the land of the Saguaro cactus. Instead of sand we are now on hardpacked stones & gravel. Nice to see the bigger Palo Verde trees.

First on the agenda this morning was to hoist our Canadian flag & I figure if somebody comes over complaining about it again I'll just tell them it's not a flag at all, it's just a red & white directional air speed indicator:))

Big sunny day as we drove the short 6.5 miles into Quartzite. First stop was the Chamber of Commerce for local information, street maps, etc. Found a cheap breakfast place & then headed out to find the RV awning company that had been recommended to us. No easy feat considering there are acres & acres of vendors with everything from soup to nuts for sale. And lots of soup & lots of nuts too. Big RV companies are set up here, an airplane fly's over towing a large advertising banner, hot air balloons will be in the air when the crowds begin to arrive in a few days. Those hamburgers I said were 25 cents in yesterday's blog are actually a dollar so I'm going to have to cut my order down. We eventually found the awning place, looked at some samples, & hammered out a deal for our awning to be replaced this coming Friday. They will come out to our RV site to do it. Takes about an hour. Walked around looking at a ka-zillion million things but didn't buy much, just a few necessities here & there. Days like this are not my favorite because I have a short attention span for walking around & around & around looking at stuff. And, I don't have, "shopping legs." Walking slow, looking, standing, walking slowly a little more, looking.......... soon takes a toll on my legs & they begin to stiffen & ache. Hiking quickly up a steep mountain trail is much, much, easier. Shopping has got to one of the hardest physical tasks for men that I've ever experienced!! It's not only physically grueling, it can be downright depressing for us guys.

We were back out to the peace & quiet of the desert by 3 in the afternoon & the rest of the day was spent reclined in a lawn chair, soaking up some Arizona sun & thinking of better uses for my..............................."shopping legs."

No idea what we're doing to-morrow, could be more of the same:((
Oh dear...............................

With to-day's photos I have added 4 balloon pictures that I took one year ago to-day when we were at Hickiwan Trails in Why, Arizona.

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