Thursday, January 10, 2008


Do you remember the days years ago when the sound of an airplane overhead would bring you running out of the house to stare skyward. I do. As a young boy in a small southwestern town in Ontario, Canada I was always fascinated with airplanes & would wave at them as they flew overhead. They never waved back but I never gave up & to-day after all these years, a strange aircraft flew low overhead, I waved............AND THE AVIATOR WAVED BACK!! It was a young boy's dream come true at last. The aircraft was an ultra-lite suspended underneath a large canopy & the aviator sat in an open cart affair with wheels & an engine on the back. Not exactly a bigger winged airplane but it was a wave from the sky nonetheless. I had been sitting outside reading when I heard the whine of a high pitched engine coming & as I got up to look, the aircraft came in low from the northwest & made a slow banking left turn. (must have seen our Canadian flag) He was low enough & close enough for me to see he was looking down at me. I instinctively let go with a big wave, & was thrilled to see the aviator let go with a big wave back............. Yes Toto, a little boy's dreams can come true:))

I caught myself a good break to-day. My presence was not required for the day's browsing trip in Quartzsite so Kelly headed off about 10:30. solo. Aw, how sweet it is!! Made myself a coffee, situated a comfortable lawn chair in the path of the sun, grabbed myself a book, & comfortably spent a big part of the day enjoying something I haven't done in years. Reading. It was a week ago to-day that we hiked our way up to Marshal South's homestead & to-day I began reading the book about this man, his family, & their life & times on Ghost Mountain. A nice way to spend a relaxing day in the desert.

Kelly was back about 3 & we returned to town to look at a Blue Flame heater for the motorhome. These are 99.9% small efficient propane heaters used by many boondockers instead of the RV's propane guzzling furnaces. From there I did a mandatory 30 minute browsing tour awaiting the time piece on my wrist to lock onto 4 p.m. Why 4 p.m.?? .............. Dollar hamburger time:)) We were at the head of the line at the little hamburger stand where they have hamburgers for a dollar after 4 in the afternoons. We got 5 burgs & Kelly ate 4 & I had...............ok, ok, I had 3 & Kelly had 2. Good burgs smothered in onions.

We returned to our temporary home in the desert & that was about it for another day. No big plans for to-morrow but if I can get in some reading time with my Marshal South book I'm a goin to be a happy guy.................:))

P.S. It's 9 P.M. right now & I'm still burpin onions!!!!

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  1. It can be very interesting what triggers memories flooding back from our youth, glad the boy known as AL finaly got his wave from the sky!

    the hermit