Friday, January 11, 2008


The first time the phone rang this morning it was the installer guy (Grandma's Heaters & Fireplace, Quartzsite) for the Blue Flame Propane heater we purchased yesterday, calling to say he was on his way & could I meet him at the highway. Finding someone out here in the desert can be a real chore because there are no formal roads, streets, or numbers & telling someone your right next to the double Saguaro cactus on the other side of the gulley where the Palo Verde tree is, just doesn't cut it. So, I drove out to the highway & led Glen, the installer back to our campsite. He looked things over, took some measurements down, wrote up a parts list & headed back to Quartzsite to load up the necessary materials.

The second time the phone rang (minutes later) this morning it was the installer guy for the new 16' side awning we had purchased a couple of days ago, calling to say he was on his way & could I meet him at the highway. Finding someone out h..........ok, you know the routine.
It sure didn't take the two young guys very long to haul down the old ripped awning & replace it with a new one. Forty minutes start to finish. We went with a solid color acrylic awning as opposed to a striped vinyl one. Acrylic cost a bit more but it is a superior product to vinyl because it will last longer, is scotch guarded, & comes in it's own outside roller which protects it from wind, rain, & harsh sunlight. We chose a "fern" color to sort of match one of the green stripes on the motorhome. While all this was going on, Glen returned with the heater parts & began the installation. Lot more to that than I thought. Top of stove had to come off, copper lines & fittings installed, propane hose under sink leading to an outlet & heater, etc. I am not a mechanically inclined person so things like this have to be done by someone else & I have a whole lot more confidence in a professional persons work than I would with me trying to do something like that. I'm still get confused changing a light bulb.

Alas, the awning was done & the heater hooked up & somehow in this beehive of morning activity we even managed to wolf down some bacon & eggs. The place was a bit upside down by the time everybody left so I was able to con my way out of going to town with Kelly by saying I'd take care of the clean-up. It worked, & as I watched the Santa Fe disappear across the desert headed for town I happily settled back into my most comfortable gravity chair under our nice new shady awning, coffee in hand, & cracked open my favorite Marshal South book. And, there I remained until about 4 in the afternoon, reading & dozing, dozing & reading:)))))

Kelly returned about 4 & naturally had found something in Quartzsite again that she wanted me to come & look it. Of course, being the good husband that I am, (ya right) I gladly agreed to go, but unbeknownst to Kelly I had an ulterior motive. (dollar hamburgers)
We had decided quite awhile ago to replace some of this impractical & uncomfortable RV furniture in the rig, so Kelly (the scrounger) had located a used & workable kitchen table plus 2 chairs at a large RV dealer in town. (Le Mesa) Price was really right so we grabbed them. Then, I casually mentioned something about supper & hey, how about that dollar burger place just around the corner:))))) Minutes later we were gobbling down burgers smothered in onions again. Now, let me see, to-morrow night if we were in town around 4 & just happened to be near tha..........oh forget it!!

To answer a question from yesterday's blog.......that material hanging down the side of the motorhome is a piece of burlap & I hung it up there to cast some shade on the motorhome where the refrigerator is located. Helps keep it a tad cooler thus using less propane to keep the fridge cold.

Whewwwww, sure is warm in here............. I think we're gonna really love our new Blue Flame heater.

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  1. just a small suggestion Al,fire up your gps and note your position, might not be a permanant address but so many are using gps now they may find you more easily that way.

    the hermit