Saturday, January 12, 2008


"WOW" That about sums up how I felt about our first night with our new Legacy blue flame heater. No noisy furnace turning on & off in the night & no blower draining the batteries. The heat has humidity in it & feels a whole lot warmer. I'm not a cold weather person & this has finally solved my "feeling cold" problem. The heat radiates everywhere & Kelly actually got up twice to turn the thermostat lower & lower. And, we're told, it uses substantially less propane than the inferior furnace. But, the one thing that really sold us on it was the fact that it is completely enclosed & there is no open point of ignition to worry about such as a dog's wagging tail catching fire from a hot brick, open flame, or heated coil. And here's the kicker.........these heaters are only made in Canada & are CSA approved, but guess can't buy them in Canada!!!! You have to buy them in the States. They are made in Mississauga, Ontario which is part of Toronto. Don't figure, do it!!

Didn't take us long to start the interior renovations this morning. Ever since we brought that desk/table home yesterday I've been anxious to start on the changes. The small uncomfortable & little used tub chair beside the door was the first to go. Four large bolts secured it to the floor but I surprised myself by actually getting all the nuts & bolts out without incident. Not normal!!
The next to go was the dinette, & all the Robertson screws had to come out by hand because I had forgot to bring my battery powered drill thingy. Took about half an hour & to my growing amazement I was able to once again complete the task without incident. No stuck screws, bruised knuckles, no loss of patience, & I didn't even have to have myself a little tantrum or two. We had found the dinette very uncomfortable to sit on & it had two large metal legs underneath that were hard to navigate knees & feet around.

When Kelly had first spotted the desk/table at La Mesa yesterday she thought it would make a good dinette table for us but once we got it home & made a few measurements we realized it would make an even better computer station desk.
No problem getting it in & within minutes we had it in place & not long after we had modem lights blinking, router dials twinkling, laptop humming, & the mouse squeaking. I was batting a hundred to-day. Now, why can't everyday be like that!!!!
That's 2 of the 3 things we wanted to change in here so the couch will be coming out next but not sure when. After leaving Quartzsite next week we'll head over into the Phoenix area for a few days & have us a look in the big Ikea store there for some comfortable & practical replacement stuff. Changing out RV furniture in RV's is a common practice for people who actually spend any length of time in them. Maybe the higher end coaches come with comfortable stuff but these mid to lower range rigs sure don't!!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing & contemplating what to do with the RV furniture we had removed from the motorhome. You know, kinda like....shoot first & ask questions later. We'll slip into Quartzsite to-morrow & see about peddling it to one of the places that sells all kinds of new & used stuff.

Got us a little campfire going & for the first time since leaving home we sat outside & ate supper. At Borrego, the sun set early behind the mountains & by 6 at night it was totally dark out. Here in Quartzsite it's closer to 7 before it's dark. It's plenty warm here during the day but as soon as the sun goes down the temperatures plummet like a rock in minutes. Too cold to sit outside.

That was about it for the day (and Kelly never even went into town) & as I sit here typing beside our little roasty toasty blue flame fireplace (sweating) I'm a happy guy knowing I don't have to go through the "thawing out process" in the morning:)) Aw yes, some days is just better than others...................................

(The photo of the two chairs & a table with a Mexican table cloth is just a temporary set-up)

Note to Helen in Woodstock......... Had sent you an email awhile back but maybe your spam filters blocked it because of the Hotmail address we use on the road. We can receive with our aboss account but we can't send from it:((

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  1. And I thought I was daring, ripping out my dinette. Wow! You guys really have me beat. Can't wait for the next installment.

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