Sunday, January 13, 2008


With yesterday's major success in removing the tub chair & dinette from the motorhome I thought I'd try measuring, cutting out, & mounting some sunscreen material over the high windows above the drivers & passenger's seats. It all seemed to go alright until we realized that we had the wrong kind of velcro tape for the installation. That was the end of that project for to-day.

We loaded the tub chair into the Santa Fe this morning & Kelly headed into town to do a little wheeling & dealing. She likes that kind of stuff & I totally hate it. Plus, I knew she wanted to do some more of that browsing & shopping stuff so it was a no brainer for me to stay with the rig. Good thing I did!! I had just finished doing a little favorite puttering, sat down with my coffee & book & felt the wind pick up a bit. And then it picked up a little more & within minutes we started getting hit by heavy wind gusts from the north. No problem, except our awning was down. Scrambled out of my chair as one wind gust really rocked the motorhome & sent ripples through the new awning. It had been years since I had put an RV awning up but luckily Kelly & I had went through an "awning up" procedure this morning just in case. Well, now it was the case, & I was able to get the awning up & secured in time, just like we had practiced.
We bought this rig last May & had never pulled the awning down. Last year we had a 5th wheel trailer for 7 months & never once had the awning down on that one either so the last time I can remember putting an awning up or down was about 3 years ago when we had a Class C. In fact, I'm not even sure we ever had the awning down on that one in the short 5 months we had it either. But, I do remember for sure having the awning down on a travel trailer we had about 5 years ago.

Kelly was back by 3......without the tub chair. Kelly had sold the chair & talked one of the used furniture dealers into buying our dinette set as well. She's quite a wheeler dealer. We'll load up the dinette sections in the morning & take them into Quartzsite. Gonna be a couple trips because with cushions, table, etc. it's a bit much even for our roomy little Santa Fe. Now, about that totally uncomfortable couch with it's absolutely unsleepable pull out bed........Hmmmmmmmmmm!!

Those high wind gusts haven't diminished at all & in fact seem to be increasing. Kelly said everybody else she saw on the way to Quartzsite with solar panels has them up so I guess I just have to trust that the solar installation guys anchored em down real darn good. But, it still worries me like nuts with all those sounds going on up there.

I'm still surprised at the lack of RV's in the area. Thought for sure a bunch would have rolled in this past week-end but only saw 5 rigs in the distance heading off the highway. I hadn't really been looking forward to coming to Quartzsite this year because I thought there would be a mass of RV's & people everywhere but this site has turned out to be one of the best sites we've ever been at. Nobody near us & we can leave our door open all day long for the dogs to go in & out. No people chatter, no ATV's, no generators running, no annoying loud music or drinking, & no puffing diesel engines. Just the wind in the cactus by day & the coyotes howling by night. Thanks Quartzsite, I owe ya one:))


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