Monday, January 14, 2008


The big wind gusts finally let up last night around 9:30 only to return around midnight with reinforcements. I don't know if that is what woke me up or if it was our border collie Checkers growling like crazy. Next thing I heard were the coyotes & it sounded like there was a herd of them outside somewhere having some kind of a convention. Yips, hoots, yelps, whines, cries, & barks.......they had it all. I think there is probably an old Indian legend around somewhere that says it is the warming breaths of many howling coyotes that cause the mighty winds to come sweeping across the sleeping desert floor in the dead of night. And if that isn't it, then just where does all that wind come from anyway!!

We loaded up the dinette this morning (2 trips) & Kelly headed into, The Gamblers, to drop it off. She also swung a deal for them to buy our couch as well so as we are leaving Quartzsite next week we'll drop the couch off there too. Kelly told them that we were selling all our furniture to get enough gas money to get back to Canada. They believed her until she told them it was a joke. Anyway, that solves our renovation problems & clears the decks for some better furniture of some kind. New or used, doesn't matter. In the meantime I guess we'll just sit on the floor with the dogs. But, that's ok.....we like our dogs a lot:))

Had another super great day doing basically nothing. I'm kinda getting used to really liking this but it hasn't been easy. Always that nagging feeling that I should be doing something. I have a degree in puttering but even that is wearing a little thin.

When I first went outside this morning I noticed the wind had finally abated so without further ado I proceeded to put our awning down & clipped on the camouflage netting. Then, just to be a smart ass..paragus I poked my head around the end of the coach, stuck my thumbs in my ears & gave that big old nuisance of a north wind a good old fashioned Canadian Moose salute. Well, you know what happened, right!! Within half an hour I had the awning hastily back up & was chasing our Canadian flag across the desert floor after having it being blown right off the flag pole by.........yep, you guessed it.......that bigger than life old North wind again. And, he kept it up all day long right up until about 4 p.m. this afternoon. So much for my smart ass-paragus Moose salute:((

The Coyotes started up a few minutes ago but Checkers started barking loudly & that brought about an abrupt end to the shenanigans.

We may stay a little longer here in Quartzsite than originally planned. Still no other rigs near us, weather's good, we've got a great dogfriendly site, big RV travel & leisure show coming up in a few day & we haven't seen all the sites outside of Quartzsite yet. No point in being in a big hurry, we are just beginning the second half of our 5 month journey.........

Had some inquiries about the battery placement for our solar power system so I have included some photos of the 4 new 6 volt Trojan batteries. Also some photos of the 2500 Watt inverter. Also, a couple pictures of our awning case. When the awning goes up it is rolled inside a protective case that protects it from the elements. At home we live in a pine forest so that will protect the fabric from pine sap drippings in the summer.............thanks for the questions folks:))

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  1. Now wait just a doggone minute! I've seen the pictures....your furkids sleep on the couch just like mine do! Where are they going to sleep if you take the couch out????