Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Our quiet & solitary little RV boondocking site is slowly being eroded away. A lone Class A motorhome wandered in this morning setting up camp just across the wash from us. It was soon joined by a dozen more rigs. All nice folks I'm sure but where people gather, there will be noise of some kind. A much larger group has settled in a little further to the northeast of us & when I was outside late this afternoon they even had a loudspeaker going over there. To-night I can hear some kind of music stuff coming from over that way. But, if that's as bad as it gets I think we might survive. We are right on the edge of a very large opening & so far no big group has come in there yet so I had better stop my complaining before I jinx myself. We are on our 27th day of boondocking & we are totally spoiled now. It's going to be real hard when we have to book into a people populated RV park again someday:((

No wind to-day & the temps got up to about 75F. It's amazing how the temperatures differ from one side of the rig to the other. On the south side it's short sleeves & shorts, but walk around to the shady side & it's long pants & coats. And, that's no exaggeration!!

Kelly made her daily run into Quartzsite for groceries, browsing, & shopping for bargooooons while I got busy with my new hobby of doing totally nothing. Relaxing & reading, playing "sticks" with the dogs, peanut butter sandwiches, more reading mixed with generous doses of short zzzzzz's, more peanut butter, check the computer, a game of frizzbee with Checkers, walk around the site & kick a few stones, peanut butter, check the computer again, throw the stick for Max a few times, put some smooches on Cora, coffee, & more zzzzzzzzzzzzz's:)) Yep, it's gonna be hard to go back home again alright.

Have had some people ask a few more questions about things on the website.............
I took a picture of myself to-day & will put it in yesterday's web album demonstrating an old fashioned Canadian moose salute. http://picasaweb.google.com/stargeezerguy Nothing personal & I bet you all have used this same gesture on friends & family far & wide over the years & especially when you were younger. But remember, you are never to old to let fly with a good old moose salute to your neighbor, spouse, fellow motorist, boss, or whomever!! Do it & feel better:))
2. In the photo of Cora with her front paws on the steering wheel there is a pink hair clip on the wheel and, what the heck is that for...... Whenever we put up the television antennae we always put that clip on the steering wheel to remind ourselves not to drive off with the television antennae still up. And why would we have the television antennae up when we have satellite TV. The antennae is for the television in the bedroom while the satellite feed is for the bigger television in the front of the coach.
3. Another person wondered why our email address is not on the website so people could email us. If we published our email address we would immediately be flooded with spam mail & that is one of the reasons I put a guestbook on the site. Public or private messages can be sent to us that way.
4. Another reader wondered where the doggy guys will go when we get rid of our couch. Well, that was a big concern, especially for Max because he is our number one couch potato. We are hoping to put a much more practical & comfortable futon type dog friendly bed/chair in place as soon as we can get to Ikea in Phoenix in about a week & a half. It will sit at the other end of the slide where the dinette used to be & we'll find a small table for where the couch is now. Well, it sounds good in theory anyway. In the meantime we'll have to sit on pop crates or something. Couldn't believe how cheaply made that dinette set was that we took out of here a few days ago. Scary!!
5. And what was that word in yesterday's blog........... ass-paragus??
I didn't want to use the word "ass" in the blog so I tried to tie it in with the word asparagus.......or something. Ok, so everything doesn't always work. Well, that's my story & I'm sticking to it!!!!

To-morrow is Wednesday.............maybe something exciting will happen. D'ya figure!!



  1. Al, nice to see someone else who appreciates the fine art of doing absolutely nothing! Been working on perfecting it for years myself.As for the moose salute, if you lower the elbows 15 degrees it gives a wider more impressive rack to attract females of the species.

    the hermit

    P.S. just recuperating from from a massive massive head cold courtesy of our fine canadian winter.

  2. whats the hair clip for on the stering wheel.... the drivers hair is not that long.... Fc