Thursday, February 07, 2008


A few days ago we had come across a large Saguaro cactus that we named El Pancho. Took a picture of Kelly standing beside it but didn't include the whole cactus. A friend in Kitchener wondered if we could take a photo of the complete cactus, so that was our mission this morning........find El Pancho!! Not as easy as it sounds in a flat landscape with many Saguaros but after a bit of searching we finally re-located it. Took some pics of Kelly & Checkers beside him. We have seen taller Saguaros in Organ Pipe Nat'l Park but we've never seen one with as fat an arm as El Pancho. Maybe we should have called him, El Popeye!!

I don't have a lot to write about to-day. Spent a big part of the afternoon on the computer stuff again. We're disappointed that the registration process of the Hickiwan website is taking so long. Ray put up the tall Wifi aerial late this afternoon so now most of the park is Wifi covered. Met a couple of blog mates when they checked into the park to-day with their truck & fifth wheel. Blog mates are simply people who kind of keep tabs on each others blogs & sometimes are actually in the same place at the same time. And so to-day, we met Sandra & Gordon:))

The American Air Force is busy to-night. A lot of twinkling little stars moving around the sky & sounds of jet engines. Two very bright yellow flares caught my eye low on the western horizon. They hung in the sky with hardly any perceptible movement but with the binoculars I could see the spiraling smoke trails. Then, 2 more flares, & then 2 more as the first 2 flickered out. Hard to tell the distance but they were west of Why, Az. Might be border patrol flares to light up the desert floor but I couldn't see any helicopter lights. Also could be flares from Air Force planes because the large Barry M. Goldwater training range is in that direction. The Arizona night sky is a busy place!!


A neighbor in Bayfield Ontario, Canada sent us this photo to-day of Lake Huron where we live.

Sure glad we're here & not there:))

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  1. Thanks, that is a pretty incredible size saguaro considering how slowly they grow, dang thing must almost be as old as me :)!!!

    the hermit