Friday, February 08, 2008



They say a rolling stone gathers no moss but I'm beginning to feel a little mossy. We were hoping to have the wheels rolling this week but looks like we'll be here a few more days. We're still waiting for the Hickiwan website registration process to finish so we can make sure the website is up on the web & everything is running OK.

We are going to have to start keeping an eye on the calendar now because it is the third quarter of our travels & I can sense the vacation days beginning to wind down. Before this week it still seemed like we had endless days ahead of us but a month from now we will likely be starting the last long leg of our journey home to Canada from somewhere in New Mexico. Probably only have a couple more weeks in Arizona left before heading east to Columbus in southern New Mexico. (subject to change) From there it's up to Truth or Consequences to visit Kelly's sister & husband who are full time RV'ers working 3 months at River Bend Hot Springs. That will be our last stop before we make a bee line for home................. depending on weather conditions of course:((

To-day was a quiet day. Took our usual beautiful morning desert walk & this afternoon I helped Ray's brother-in-law set himself up a blogger account. Other than that, all was quiet on the RV front.

In yesterday's blog I had mentioned about meeting some fellow RV bloggers along the way. Kelly had a coincidental meeting with Froggi Donna a few days ago in Ajo. Kelly first came across Froggi Donna's blog last fall when Froggi D had posted a blog about vehicles she had owned. I noticed that I had once owned the same kind of vehicle. Might have been a Vauxhaul or something unusual like that. I put a comment on her blog & she answered. Froggi D also has a motorcycle & so do we & since then we have kept tabs on each other's blogs. A lot of the people who have dropped in our blog has come from Froggi Donna's site. Froggi Donna came to Quartzsite when we were there but we she had a very heavy schedule with the Escapee's Club & we didn't get a chance to meet her. A week ago she arrived in Ajo & was camped out in the desert with the boondockers. Kelly was in Ajo getting groceries when she noticed a familiar looking rig at a gas station filling up with propane. She wheeled in & sure enough it was Froggi Donna. Kelly had recognized Froggi D's rig from the pictures on her website. Kind of nice when things happen that way. You can find Froggi Donna at,
Drop into her website, say hello, & tell her the Bayfield Bunch sent you:))
The folks we met yesterday here at Hickiwan are Sandra & Gordon & their website is Some people have commented on my photos from time to time but they pale in comparison to Gordons. Scroll down the right side of the blog & find "Sites to See." Look for "Gordon's Photos." Now, that is photography!!

We had a rare visitor to-day. A small blonde haired boy by the name of Zak wandered by & wondered if he could come in & see the dogs. We said ok so in he came & I took some pictures of him holding onto little Cora. I think he looks like Dennis the Menace. And if he was Dennis the Menace, I sure would make a good Mr. Wilson!!

Beautiful crescent moon to-night hanging low in the western sky...........................

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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the mention. It was so great to meet at least Kelly but I know we'll meet somewhere down the road. Oh, and thanks for the referral link!!