Monday, February 25, 2008




We hadn't planned on heading out too early this morning but after checking the weather report & finding out they had high wind warnings for the area we figured we'd better get on our way. Didn't want to get stuck at that KOA all day & we didn't want to get caught out on the interstate in high gusting winds later so we were eastbound by 8 a.m. We had originally thought of going up through Silver City but after talking to some people & reading some info on the mountain passes we decided it wasn't an area we would be comfortable taking the motorhome. Thought we might make it as far as Deming though & then swing down to the Pink Store in Mexico, but by the time we reached Deming the winds weren't a big threat yet so we made a last minute decision to roll right on through to Truth or Consequences. Made a quick Wal-Mart/McDonald's stop about 10 a.m. in Las Cruces. The winds were blowing hard from the west so we had a tough cross wind heading north up to T&C from Las Cruces (and it's uphill all the way) but we made it ok. Kelly's sister Becky & husband Norm are there doing a 3 month work camper stint at River Bends Hot Springs. We stopped for gas in Williamsburg, phoned them, & they come a short couple of miles to meet us. They then led us to a quiet little spot right on the banks of the Rio Grande river nearby where we parked & set up the motorhome. Had a big super 3 hour chin wag & then they drove us the 3.8 miles over to where they have their rig parked at the hot springs place. Becky & Norm are full timers & Becky just completed a 3 month traveling nurse assignment in Clearwater, Florida. Their rig is parked right across the road from the hot springs so they showed us around the facilities. Really nice with lots of color & a real southwestern flavor. The owner's son is in the process of major improvements & renovations & things are really taking shape. Becky & Norm work 3 days on & then have 4 days off. Becky looks after the office, reservations, etc & Norm does the light maintenance. Becky had whooped up a big pot of yummy stew so Kelly & I ate as much as humanly possible before they drove us back to our campsite & dumped us out on the ground:))))

To-morrow we will have us a look around in the colorful & artsy little town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. (Geeeeezzzzz, can't they do something about that name!!!!)


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  1. the 'original', pun intended, name was Hot Springs.
    I think Truth or Consequences has much more character and historical value.