Tuesday, February 26, 2008


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Higher is lower & when your talking about temperatures it sure applies here in the southwest. The higher you go, the lower the temperature gets. We were just getting used to waking up to highs in the low 50's or high 40's, & now we're back into the high 30's, but all we have to do is think about the freezing temperatures back home in Canada right now & we soon button ourselves up!!

Our campsite by the river was a little on the rough side. A fellow stopped by yesterday & suggested we might want to find a different site before the week-end because this area is a favorite hang-out for the local teens with all their drugs & booze. We had pretty much surmised that by all the usual litter on the ground.
We jumped in the car & headed off with some suggested directions to RV sites in the area from some RV friends we had met back in Quartzsite. Found a nice area out around the Elephant Butte Lake Dam. OUR PHOTO ALBUMS http://picasaweb.google.com/stargeezerguy/ Had noticed a nice spot with some interesting looking adobe shelters that is part of Elephant Butte State Park. No electricity or water but it's right on the banks of the Rio Grande river & only $8 a night & the best part...........nobody here but us:)) Paseo Del Rio Campground is a clean, well maintained area with hot showers, flush toilets, an interpretive walking path, paved road & high hills all around. We can see the dam & there is a fish hatchery here. The adobe shelters are really nice & we would recommend this place to other RV dry campers. T & C is only a few miles to the west & I think they are in the process of building a Wal-Mart there. Hey RV'ers, what more can ya ask for!!

If you ever wondered what became of all those millions of hippies from back in the 60's, I have the answer for you. They are all right here in Truth or Consequences. The hair is whiter, the beards are longer, clothes are about the same, & they are all still artsy kinds of folks with plenty of strange ways. Yep, all them same characters are right here alright:))

Becky, Norm, (Kelly's sister & brother-in-law) & Kelly went into T & C this afternoon to do some shopping. I do not do shopping thank-you very much!!!! Spent the afternoon getting caught up on computer stuff, checking tire pressures, fluid levels on the vehicles, re-shuffling bins, etc. Anytime soon we will be launching ourselves northeast on the long journey home so I just wanted to have everything ready to rumble. Good productive day followed by a supper with Becky & Norm at a quaint little Mexican restaurant called La Panita. I had my standard burg & fries & they all had some soupy looking weird Mexican stuff or something. I got super sick years ago while in Puerto Vallarta one time eating some of that stuff so if da joint don't got no burgs & fries, I don't go!!!!

Hot sun to-day but the air was cool. Reminded me of a late April day back home in Bayfield, Ontario Canada.............

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  1. That little shelter looks extremely simple yet certainly would be nice in rainy weather, and with a bit of forsight shelter from the prevailing winds.

    the hermit