Thursday, March 13, 2008


I would like to keep the travel blog going forever, but our trip is over & it's time to put down the pen & paper until once again in the fall we can hopefully begin anew.
I would like to thank all the people who dropped in on our site & to 3 members of my family who made this trip possible for us.
As of to-day we've had 7,375 visitors to the blog. It gave me a point of interest each day thinking of photos to take & things to say. I know my writing leaves a lot to be desired & I probably included waaaay to many pictures, but it brought me (& hopefully you) much enjoyment. It was nice to meet new people along the way who were also doing the same thing.

I will still probably continue to write for the blog occasionally & add photos but it won't be on a daily basis as before.

So, once again, thanks everybody. And thanks to the folks who repeatedly dropped in to see what a poorly educated dumb kid was writing about & taking pictures of. Much appreciated:))

Below are a few thoughts, opinions, ideas, observations & basic musings I have concluded about our trip. Some are greatly exaggerated, some are slightly humorus, some are angry, some have no basis in fact whatsoever, some are biased, some are off the wall, some are pure speculation & some I have no idea where the thought process came from in the first place. However, they all have one thing in common. There is an element of truth in each one. Even the ones with no basis in fact whatsoever.

- New Mexico is cheaper than Arizona which in turn is cheaper than California.

- Why does the American southwest have to have sooooo much wind!!

- There are more McDonald's restaurants than there are grains of sand!!

- There are more shards of broken glass along the roadsides in the southwest than there are stars in the sky. This is particularly true in the Indian Reservations. Why is that!!

- Why go to Mexico when you have everything right here in America & Canada. And you won't get searched at gunpoint either & we all speak the same understandable language here!!

- In the 5th wheel vs motorhome argument....give me a motorhome anyday. Amen!!

- Why do RV club type people have no respect for other people's privacy when they swarm into an area!!

- Why can't convicted drunk drivers & alcohol related driving offences people be made to crawl on their hands & knees along the countless thousands of miles of roadway picking up all the broken glass & booze bottles they have obviously thrown out there!!!!

- And why can't it be taught in schools not to litter!!

- What are all those American military planes doing in the sky every night over southern Arizona.

- What ever happened to simple gas pumps. Nowadays you need a degree in engineering just to figure out all the different types of pumps & how they operate. I hate those things!!

-And now that we're home, Kelly says I have to get a haircut & trim my beard.....or else!!

- Why can't we just do away with the border between Canada & the U.S. & cut down on those long border waits & silly customs questions. And stop those stupid agriculture checks. The customs officials make enough money to buy their own food!!

- And if I fly my Canadian flag it doesn't mean I'm there to claim I have just defeated the United States of America in some big huge war or something. It's just a silly little flag to say, hey, we're from Canada guys. Your friendly & helpful neighbors to the north, remember. Geeeeezzzzzzzz!!

- How come the United States hasn't smartened up to Tim Horton's coffee yet. That Charbucks stuff you got is awful.

- Why can't some places put butter on the toast.... I'm talking to you Cracker Barrel!! And while I'm at it, why can't you people include the price of coffee in the breakfast price. Coffee is separate??...what is that!!

- When your heading east, why does the Saguaro cactus end at Tucson.

- Why can't the American southwest make a deal with the American southeast to trade some rocks & sand for some trees.

- How come so many towns have so many wrecked & tumble down buildings in them.

- When will Canadian restaraunts learn to dish up big heaping plates of food like the Americans do.

- I don't think Utah, Colorado, Nevada, California, Arizona, & New Mexico should be allowed to advertise how beautiful they are. First darn thing ya know, you'll have all those hordes of people stampeding out there from the east. That would not be a good thing!!!!

- There are more trucks on the road than there are drops of water in all the oceans.

- Why can't you Americans put some color in your money so us dumb ass Canadians can tell a one dollar bill from a hundred dollar bill.

- And thanks for the expert medical attention I received at the Lincoln Community Hospital in Hugo, Colorado when I had that kidney stone. I really liked that trip you sent me on with the morphine or whatever it was:))

- And to you greed infested oil company executives or whoever you are. How about a big break on those gasoline prices or The Bayfield Bunch isn't even going to get out of their driveway next winter.

-And speaking of ya suppose Hawaii would trade us some of that nice warm tropical air for some of this awful winter snow we got here.................................. Toodles




  2. I'll miss your daily postings, Al! I really enjoy them. You have a way with words. Just wanted to tell you again that we enjoyed meeting you and Kelly and the puppies very much and hope we meet again down the road. In fact we are talking about where we might want to settle at some point so might check out your park there in Bayfield at some point. Sounds like a nice location and would be close to Gordon's family in Ohio as well.

    Have a great spring summer and fall and look forward to next year's journal!


  3. Why can't you Canadians stay on your side of the border and quit complaining about the USA in your blogs?

  4. "When your heading east, why does the Saguaro cactus end at Tucson."

    It is not a directional thing, it is elevation. You are familiar with 'tree line', well there is also a 'saguaro line'.