Wednesday, March 26, 2008



(The photo is me trying to unsuccessfully light a little campfire in our firepit in the back yard. Thought maybe if I got a little fire going I could melt all the snow around me & at least make things look like spring)

Well, it's been a little over 2 weeks now since arriving home to Bayfield, Ontario Canada & unlike other years, we are not happy campers. There is still a full blown winter going on here & yesterday we had an Alberta clipper go through that left us with another inch of snow. Roads in our park have been sheer ice & too dangerous to walk on. In fact, we have not had the doggy guys out for one good morning walk since returning. Too much snow & ice to get through. Our four & a half month trip seems like a long distant faded memory now & this wretched weather has convinced us that it must have been just a dream we had.

It was in Arkansas that we first began noticing the damp cold & that just became continuously worse the further north we came. No doubt about it.....the southwest is far healthier in the winter months than it is here in southwestern Ontario. We had become acclimatized to the warmer dry air down there. The cold & dampness now has really brought out our aches & pains again. Didn't seem to notice it other years but we're really feeling it this year. Just makes you want to drop a firecracker in your shorts to warm yourself up in a hurry.

Basically, for the past 2 weeks we have been confined to the house a lot. Just don't want to go outside. The not wanting to go outside is part of the negative mental side of it. This kind of weather just gets you down in the dumps. There's things to do of course, but you just don't feel like doing them. Cabin fever sets in & everything takes on a gray overtone. Kelly has been busy with her job at Deerpark Lodge so that has given her added incentive to get out there & chase those March winter blues away. I had really hoped to be busy outside with the big spring clean up by now but looks like that's not going to happen for at least another couple of weeks. Arrrrrggghhhh!!!!!

Next year we will not come home one second earlier than April 1rst for sure. Maybe even the middle of April. Some changes are already in effect to ensure that.

Our plans are to return to the southwest once again in the late fall, with our first destination being the Silver City & Gila Forest region of southern New Mexico. We want to have a closer look at things there & maybe check out some real estate prices. Of course, with the cost of gas going the way it is, we may not make it past the end of our driveway, but that's another reason for looking ahead a few years to future plans. One thing is certain.......We do not want to ever have to spend another winter's day here Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the key word there!! Enough is enough is enough is enough!!


  1. Boy do I ever feel for you guys...I'm in Tucson and have had to run the A/C every afternoon from about 2-3pm to 6pm. At least the evenings/nights are still cool.

    Hope to see you guys on the road next year. Hang tough!

  2. Hey, Kelly & Al, This is Keith from Keith and Marilyn. I am standing in the picture with Butch in Borrego Springs. We stayed in BS hanging out with Butch until two weeks ago. We then went to AJO and camped out behind the town near the mine. A very cool place although a little quiet-not much socializing as the places are remote and everyone is leaving. I left AJO today and am in Casa Grande in a park. I am going to be heading back soon. Butch was still hanging out in BS. I think he might head up towards Joshua Tree and maybe further North. Not sure if I will be in BS next year but I have been there the past eight seasons-hard to believe.

  3. Hey Al & Kelly, I just read your blog for the first time. VERY funny and interesting. I like your humor!
    What made you decide to remodel your MH? That was also, interesting. We have the same floor plan and our sofa and dinette are uncomfortable.
    The pictures of the snow are great to look at on the computer. :)
    We were out west this winter also. However, it was too cold for us, so we flew home to Florida for the remainder. We'll fly back soon and continue up to Oregon, Wash., and Calgary for the summer. I'll be back to visit you guys again.
    Lynda & Don